Peabodys and Duryees – A Letter From Marian Peabody – March 12, 1944

This letter is from Marian Peabody (Mrs. Laurence, Arla (Peabody) Guion’s youngest brother) to the family in Trumbull. It is 1944 and all of Grandpa’s sons are serving Uncle Sam in one way or another. 

Remember the Milan Peabodys would love to have a visit from any Guion’s at any time!

Mrs. Laurence K. Peabody

Gaytown Road

Milan, Ohio

Dear Al, Elizabeth, Ced and any other Guions in the vicinity of Trumbull –

In fact, I’m wondering if Ced may be “transplanted” by now. I’ve been so long writing you folks. We did receive your fine Christmas remembrances and are enjoying them very much. The attractive little hooked mat already has a permanent place in our dining room. And the “Master of the Ducks” has adopted the lovely Alaskan basket for the golden eggs !!! We are getting around three dozen a day now so the basket is brimful most of the time. We especially liked having that fine Alaskan basket. Of course Alan was thrilled with the “cartwheel”! A whole dollar is something, in his young life – especially a big, round, heavy one like that. For all of your thoughtfulness, Thank you both so much, Al and Ced.

Even at this distance, we feel so lost with Mother gone. She was such a grand correspondent and kept us so up-to-date in the affairs of the rest of the family. Larry and I wonder so often about the location, and well-being, of all your boys.

It was grand having a short visit with you in New York. We were sorry not to see Ced and sorry that you did not see Alan. We wished so much we could have gone to Trumbull too, but it seemed quite impossible this trip. We hope it won’t be too long before we may return again and this time for a pleasure trip. We did not see many of our New Rochelle friends either.

You probably know by now that Dorothy was out for a ten day visit early in February – just before her operation. We enjoyed her being here so much. Now we are anxious for her to come again in pleasant weather. February is really not our prettiest month!

Elizabeth, again, I wish to say how much I appreciated hearing from you in the fall. It really is not fair to “answer” in this manner but at the moment my desk is chock full of unanswered letters and I fear it will be a long time before I am “out from under”. Your two boys are darling and you have every right to be very proud of them. Aren’t they fun! I wish we had a companion for Alan. Alan loves school (second grade) and really does very well. He has just returned after two weeks of measles! Last year he had chickenpox so now we have mumps to go!

We have been so glad to hear that Dorothy is getting on so well after her operation. She gained six pounds while out here. Naturally, she was very tired and run down after mother’s illness.

Please give our very best to Aunt Betty. Hope she is keeping very well this winter. Did we tell you that when passing through Grand Central we stopped in to say “Hello” to Elsie. She looked so well.

Larry is busy preparing our upstairs for painting. We have loads to do in the house before spring work in the yard and garden starts. We have ordered our seeds and planned most of our garden.

Hope you folks are all fine and we will enjoy hearing from you whenever you find time to write us. Alan was very pleased with the foreign stamps you enclosed in his letter.

Love to you all,

Marian, Larry and Alan.

Tomorrow and Friday, a letter from Grandpa  to the members of the expansive and extended Guion Clan.

Judy Guion


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