“Liquid Heaven” (14) – Toothpaste Landing – 1945 – 2022

Our Family Island Retreat was purchased in 1945 from Rusty Heurlin’s family because they no longer used it and Grandpa’s family was growing. Grandpa and his children thoroughly enjoyed any time they spent there.

From now until the end of the summer, and perhaps into the fall, I will be posting pictures of places on the Island and sharing stories and memories of these unique places. I hope you can enjoy a few peaceful moments while I share these memories with you.

1. Dock

2. The Point

3. Bathtub Rock

4. Big Rock

5. Sunset Rock

6. Sandy Beach, Big Flat Rock (to the left, Baby Beach)

7. Toothpaste Landing

8. & 9. – Screen Porch and Cook Cabin

10. Sleeping Cabin

11. Fire Pit and Sheba 

Spring Island - 1999 (15) - Close-up of shoreline and Toothpaste Landing

Toothpaste Landing (the cluster of rocks in the center of the picture)

When I was growing up, we would go to the Island for the last two weeks of August every year. My parents would invite anywhere from three to six families to come up with us. This could mean as many as twenty children but fifteen was the usual number.

Toothpaste Landing

When it was time to get ready for bed, we would all troop down to Toothpaste Landing to brush our teeth. Some of the older children would step out on the rocks in the water while the younger ones stayed on the land.

There were two pine trees at the end of the path to Toothpaste Landing. One of the men, very possibly my Dad, Lad, built two shoebox-sized wooden holders with about eight or ten hooks inside for each child to hang their toothbrush from, tubes of toothpaste lined up below them.

Next weekend, more Special Pictures and Memories of “Liquid Heaven”, our Island Family Retreat.

Tomorrow I will begin a week of letters written in 1940 when Lad, the oldest, was the only one away from home. He was in Venezuela working for the Soconey-Vacuum Oil Company maintaining their vehicles and the Diesel Oil Pumps out at their various camps.

Judy Guion

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