“Liquid Heaven” (16) – Special Pictures and Memories – Cook Cabin (2) – 1945 – 2022

Our Family Island Retreat was purchased in 1945 from Rusty Heurlin’s family because they no longer used it and Grandpa’s family was growing. Grandpa and his children thoroughly enjoyed any time they spent there.

From now until the end of the summer, and perhaps into the fall, I will be posting pictures of places on the Island and sharing stories and memories of these unique places. I hope you can enjoy a few peaceful moments while I share these memories with you.

1. Dock

2. The Point

3. Bathtub Rock

4. Big Rock

5. Sunset Rock

6. Sandy Beach, Big Flat Rock (to the left, Baby Beach)

7. Toothpaste Landing

8. & 9. – Screen Porch and Cook Cabin

10. Sleeping Cabin

11. Fire Pit and Sheba 

When I was young, there was no electricity on the Island. We used flashlights and kerosene lanterns. Only the older children and adults could carry or use the lanterns. We were taught at a very early age to be careful and we never had a fire, even when four families were sleeping in the 20′ x 20′ Army Tent. Electricity arrived at the Island via an underwater line from the mainland in the early 1960’s.

The cooking area of the Cook Cabin. The door is the back door where we children picked up our meals. Just outside, there was a drop-down shelf where the wash and rinse dishpans were. We were expected to wash and dry our own dishes. 

Marian, my Mom, was the General of Organization. Aside from our meal duties, we were also responsible for getting water and gathering firewood and dead branches. Getting water was only done by the older children and it was a privilege. We gathered the containers, 10 gallon Army containers painted Army Green, loaded them into the row boat, rowed over to the mainland, carried the containers uphill to the Spring House, pumped the water and filled the containers and then had to carry them back to the rowboat. Once we were back at the Island, we had to carry them uphill to the back door of the Cook Cabin. A lot of work but we were proud to do it.

This is the eating area which is also used for smaller groups playing cards or doing puzzles. Sheba is outside the right side window and the Fire Pit is outside the two left side windows. The table legs are pieces of the tent poles used to hold up the 20′ x 20′ Army Tent we slept in prior to 1956.

The barrel stools originally contained the nails used to construct the Sleeping Cabin. My Dad designed and constructed the tops and Mom added padding and covered them with vinyl.

The bench seat on the right is as wide as a single bed. It has a large storage area beneath the seat.  It has been used many times, especially if someone comes up in the winter. One night, I was up later than my children and grandchildren, and when I went out to the Sleeping Cabin, the door was locked. One of my daughters thought I was already inside and locked the door. I used the bench to sleep on that night. Needless to say, she was shocked,  quite dismayed and apologetic when she found me in the morning.

Sunset Harbor, the 1000 piece puzzle completed on this table while we were up on the Island in August, 2022

The finished Cook Cabin Porch. The picnic table is 8′ long and can accommodate at least a dozen people, more if there are small children. On the bench closest to the outside, there are two outlines of BIG fish that have been caught by someone. They are not identified and there are no names or dates of the fisherman. 

Spring Island - Cook Cabin addition finished (Judy - 2011)

Here we are playing “Dump on your Neighbor” in 2011

Spring Island - After the storm - 2012 (Judy)

This is what the porch looked like after a strong wind and rain storm in 2012. 

Spring Island - After the storm (2) - 2012 (Judy)

Next weekend I will be sharing pictures and memories of the Sleeping Cabin.

Tomorrow I will begin posting a week of letters written in July and August of 1942. Dan was inducted into the Army in January and is in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina for further training. Lad went in May and in currently at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland to continue his training.

Judy Guion


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