“Liquid Heaven” (17) – Sleeping Cabin (1) – Special Pictures and Memories – 1945 – 2022

Our Family Island Retreat was purchased in 1945 from Rusty Heurlin’s family because they no longer used it and Grandpa’s family was growing. Grandpa and his children thoroughly enjoyed any time they spent there.

From now until the end of the summer, and perhaps into the fall, I will be posting pictures of places on the Island and sharing stories and memories of these unique places. I hope you can enjoy a few peaceful moments while I share these memories with you.

1. Dock

2. The Point

3. Bathtub Rock

4. Big Rock

5. Sunset Rock

6. Sandy Beach, Big Flat Rock (to the left, Baby Beach)

7. Toothpaste Landing

8. & 9. – Screen Porch and Cook Cabin

10. Sleeping Cabin

11. Fire Pit and Sheba

In 1955, my family was on the Island with three other families and we were all sleeping in a 20×20 Army Tent. We children had finished our lunch and were in the tent for “quiet Time”, while the grown-ups ate their lunch and had an hour – or more if they could convince us that an hour was not up yet – when they did not have to worry about where the 12 children were or what they were doing. A bad storm came over the surrounding mountains and the wind lifted the corner of the tent closest to Sunset Rock. The rain poured in and it scared us so much that we all ran out of the tent screaming for  our parents.

That winter, the guys met at Pete Linsley’s house and made plans to a 20×24 wooden structure with four bedrooms downstairs, a dog trot between the front door and the back door, and a loft for some of the children to sleep in. As soon as the snow had melted, they were up on the Island building this Sleeping Cabin, which was ready for occupants by July.

 Spring Island - Sleeping cabin - @ 1960s (Lad)

This is probably the earliest picture of the Sleeping Cabin. It is taken from the path leading down to Bathtub Rock. There is no window in the upper section, the Loft.

Notice the unpainted squares? These are the bent nails made by those who helped build it in 1956. I believe the next year, small white life savers were placed around each bent nail and the name of the person responsible was added. My twin brother , ten years old at the time, created one bent nail.

Spring Island - Sleeping Cabin foundation - dated 1956 - September, 2020

This was the foundation of the Sleeping Cabin, 50-gal. drums filled with cement. You can just make out the year 1956 on this one.

Spring Island - Sleeping cabin and firepit (Judy -2007)

This is a side view of the Sleeping Cabin, with the Fire Pit and Sheba in front.

Spring Island - Sleeping cabin from roof of Cook Cabin - (Judy - 2013)

This is a picture of the Sleeping Cabin taken from the roof of the Cook Cabin. I was up there removing moss and had my camera with me. The stairs to the Loft were added many years after it was built. We used a ladder inside the cabin, in the dog trot, to climb up into the Loft. It was determined that it was not the safest way after a few bad falls and a broken arm.

The Loft was divided in half lengthwise and the Big Girls (two 12-year-olds, one 10-year-old (me) and a nine-year old) slept on one side, while the Little Girls (a nine-year-old who was friends with my 8 year-old sister and a 5 year-old), slept on the other.

Tomorrow more of “Liquid Heaven”, the Sleeping Cabin and Special Pictures and Memories.

Judy Guion


2 thoughts on ““Liquid Heaven” (17) – Sleeping Cabin (1) – Special Pictures and Memories – 1945 – 2022

  1. Valerie says:

    Theirs was the generation who could turn their hand to anything. I’ve just remembered the little bridge over a small stream on my uncle’s former farm. My father and two uncles built the bridge, and the date “1956” is inscribed into the concrete.
    Thanks as always for sharing your memories and photos.

    • Judy Guion says:

      Valerie – You are absolutely right. That is probably why they were called “The Greatest Generation”. They knew their duty and took the responsibility of joining up, even proudly, knowing that they may not make it back home .They had a long list of values that they acted upon. Thank you for your comments. I really appreciate hearing from others who recognize and respect that generation that is quickly disappearing. I think the world needs more people who follow their example instead of putting “me first”.

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