Army Life – A Quick Note from Lad – April 2, 1944

This week, I will be posting letters written in April  of 1944. Lad and Marian are back in California after a short stay in Texarkana, Texas. Dan is in London, working in a Topography unit, drawing maps in advance of D-Day. Ced remains in Anchorage, Alaska, repairing planes and going out into the Bush to repair and/or retrieve them with a tractor. Dick is still in Brazil and Dave is at Camp Crowder, Missouri, near Carthage, Missouri.

Lad Guion

Alfred Peabody Guion (Lad)

Sun., April 2, 1944

Dear Dad, Aunt Betty, etc.: –

Tomorrow is the big day. I shall be 30. Getting along in years, eh ! Got your gift and letter also. Thanks, Dad, and when we have a few spare moments we shall write an answer to your letter enclosing the checked suggestions.

Our mailing address still remains the same (491, Pomona) but we have moved into an apartment in a town called Ontario, about 2 1/2 miles east of Pomona. It reminds me of the Ives’s place as it was before Fred Stanley bought it. We only have a couple of rooms, but we have worked all day today and it is not even half completed. Gee, there are so many things to be done, you wonder if they will ever be finished. In our case it is almost futile, since just about the time we have it fixed to our satisfaction, Uncle Sam will move me to some other camp, as has been the case ever since we were married. The place is at 3132 W. A. St., Ontario. It is on the main road to Los Angeles and the trucks keep Marion awake still, but I guess I’m used to lots of noise or I’m too tired at night not to sleep. Anyway, I sleep. It is a couple of minutes after nine, but since I have to get up at 4:30 AM, nine o’clock is my bedtime, and I sure can use one tonight. Give my love to Aunt Betty and the rest and I’ll see you all sometime soon.


APG - 4 x 6 Trailer - Bill of Sale - 4.2.1944

This is the Bill of Sale for a 4 x 6 wooden Trailer that Lad and Marian used quite a bit throughout their lives. As you can see, it was purchased on March 26, 1944. We packed it each summer at the end of August to go to the Island. My Mom and Dad used it to move to California in 1966 Since I stayed in Connecticut to finish college and start my married life, I really do not know how long they had it in California or what happened to it.

Tomorrow, a letter from Dan in London, on Wednesday, a note from Rusty Heurlin to Ced, and on Thursday and Friday,, a letter from Grandpa to his sons.

Judy Guion

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