Trumbull – Dear “Trumbull’s Gift to the U.S. Army” (1) – News From Grandpa and Aunt Elsie Guion – April 9, 1944

Trumbull, Conn.  Easter Day, 1944

Dear “Trumbull’s Gift to the U.S. Army”:

Introducing a visiting layman, who will now do her stuff:

Hello, folks! The setting Sun is looking in the alcove window as I sit down to write. I am a little too early to see the “explosion of spring” in the case of the lilac trees. It won’t take but a few warm days to burst them open and I’m sorry to miss it.

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The Grand Central Station is a very busy place these days. More goes on there than we ever hear of. Famous people, tragedies, joys and a multitude of other things are constantly happening and sometimes we read about them, because we don’t actually see more than what’s in front of our noses.

We see columns of inductees going by and occasionally we hear a band of music honoring some celebrity, but for the most part the station is full of just people and lots of uniforms hustling hither and yon, where ever that may be.

Our busy Easter season is over and we are settling down now to the spring and summer needs. I haven’t had much time to take in many shows. At last I saw “Life with Father” and it justifies its long run. Also I saw “Arsenic and Old Lace” which I liked immensely. And some movies. I’ve taken up too much space already, so, so long folks!


There you see I sprung an Easter surprise on you first crack out-of-the-box. With spring well on its way I and thousands of others are waiting for the Allies to spring a surprise on me with news of the long awaited invasion. The broadcasters theme repeatedly today has been “This we hope will be the last Easter our boys will spend at war”, to which I breathed a sincere Amen. Elsie was with us today, as you may have surmised already, and needless to say, at dinner today we wondered what each of you were doing as we at home sat around the little kitchen table you know so well.

Friday I took advantage of the fact that the banks, etc., were closed, to declare a personal holiday and devote the time to doing some of the neglected chores around the house, getting in here and there a lick of work reminiscent of each of you, saying, “Well, this is what Dan would be doing to the yard, or Lad would be busy at this, or Dick or Ced or Dave probably would be helping at this, so I had an invisible gang of helpers, which didn’t however prevent my back being sore at the unaccustomed tasks. While I did accomplish quite a bit it was just a drop compared with what there was to do and very modest in accomplishments measured by what we all would have been able to finish together.

Dave writes he is working at low speed radio. He found on being interviewed for a cadre job that 18 is to young. Last Sunday he went to a Palm Sunday service at a Presbyterian Church at Carthage and thereafter was taken to the home of one of the congregation for dinner and in the afternoon spent an interesting hour at the Granite Quarries.

Tomorrow, I will finish the week with the rest of this letter from Grandpa to his sons far from home on Easter Sunday. 

Judy Guion


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