Trumbull – Dear “Trumbull’s Gift To The U. S. Army” (2) – News From Lad, Marian and Dave – April 9, 1944

This is the second half of a letter Grandpa wrote to his sons – and daughter-in-law, Marian, on Easter Sunday.

APG.MIG - Lad & Marian as attendants at wedding (3)(close-up

Alfred Peabody and Marian Guion, attendants at a friend’s wedding

 Lad celebrated his birthday eve by writing a welcome letter to us all. They have moved into a new apartment in a town called Ontario about 2 1/2 miles East of Pomona but retain their Pomona mail address (Box 491)). They’re keeping him pretty busy. He gets up at 4:30. Nine o’clock is his bedtime. Imagine that for Lad!

Marian - Easter card to Grandpa - 1944

Marian's Easter card to Grandpa (inside) - 1944

Mighty glad to wish you, Dad

An Easter Day

that’s bright and glad,

And all the happiness that’s due you,

Because you have it comin’ to you!

And that’s putting it mildly.

Love from

Lad and Marian

And Marian sends me a little Easter card which arrived in Saturday’s mail. I’m quite jealous though because both Aunt Betty and Jean got pink handkerchiefs with sachet bags included which were omitted in my envelope.

Ced wrote a nice long letter about his doings. He says he has heard nothing new from the local draft board, but Art (Woodley, owner of Woodley Airways, where Ced is employed) told him he would not be left in the 1-AO classification. Art is acquiring several new planes with additional pilots to run them, so perhaps Ced’s job to the draft board will be considered more essential than ever. Rumor also has it that their biggest competitor, Alaska Air Lines, is deep in financial difficulties and may go into the hands of a receiver.

In a letter to Catherine, Red (Sirene) says: “I am now back in Louisiana where I started last September. I ended up my stay in Alabama with a big bang. We drained the next county of beer, actually. The last weekend after we left, some of the fellows combed the entire area (about 200 miles) and found six bottles of beer, with a bottle of Hiram Walker and a bottle of rum. We hired a “push it”, then a big pail, filled it with ice and put two cases of beer in the back, picked up our dates who provided  two fried chickens, dozens of sandwiches, etc., and we had ourselves one hell of a picnic. It was swell, except when we were going to leave (at 2 AM ) we found we had a flat tire. I lost a flip of a coin and had to walk several miles to civilization, get the garage man out of bed and get a spare tire. I’m now in the Engineer Utility Detachment. Our training will take about three months and then  —  overseas. We follow the front line troops and clean up the cities after them. I hope the front line doesn’t bend back as it did in Cassino where a utility outfit got wiped out when the front collapsed. We aren’t heavily armed so will be at a disadvantage in a fight”.

Aunt Betty is waiting for me to finish this for a light supper which I wish you were all here to share, so with best Easter greetings to you all, I’ll sign off the same as always, just


Tomorrow and Sunday, more from the Early Years – Memories of Alfred Peabody Guion. 

Judy Guion


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