Trumbull – Dear Laddiest – Almost On Their Way To Alaska (1) – June 9, 1940

This is the first half of a letter written to Lad in Venezuela but very soon, Grandpa will be adding Dan and Ced to his list of letter recipients.

       Lad in Anzoategui, Venezuela

Cabins for Two 1 - Paul Dutton - Bob Jones 2 - Stanley Barnes - Frank Borgon 3 - Herb Hadley - Al Guion 4 - The Mess Hall

Cabins for Two
1 – Paul Dutton – Bob Jones
2 – Stanley Barnes – Frank Borgon
3 – Herb Hadley – Al Guion
4 – The Mess Hall

Lad's Bureau and Desk

           Lad’s Bureau and Desk

"The Ole Swimming Hole"

        “The Ole Swimming Hole”

These may be some of the pictures Grandpa was looking at. He does describe the bureau, pictures and desk. Lad labeled these “Anzoategui Camp, Jan., 1940”, so it’s quite possible. My problem is that Lad separated all the Venezuelan pictures by category – Animal pictures, Baseball, Bull Fight, Groups, Individuals, Other Camps – and not all are labeled. The “Swimming Hole” might have been at the San Tome Camp. I’m not sure, but the rest are all labeled Anzoategui Camp, for sure.

On the other hand, I could not find any panorama pictures, and these pictures were taken at ground level. I may never know for certain.

You may recognize the name Herb Hadley from earlier letters. I suppose Lad borrowed or bought something from him for $3 and had Grandpa send him a check back here in the states, since the thank you letter was written from Chicago. Now we know a little more on the connection between Lad and Herb Hadley. I just love it when things “click” like this.

R-79  June 9, 1940

Dearest Laddiest:

I have just spent better than a half-hour looking carefully over the prints of the first batch of negatives you sent home and I feel as though I have almost visited you and spent a few days with you. I may have told you that instead of having prints made the same size as your tiny films, I have had them enlarged to double the size, and still further aided by my pocket magnifying glass I have just had a very intimate tour with you over the ground. I particularly enjoyed the portraits of yourself, you looked in fine condition. Your face has filled out and you looked to be in much better health than you were here. I noticed the wristwatch. It has a metal band, hasn’t it, rather than a leather strap. In one of the pictures you were wearing what looked like leather moccasins. Possibly you bought those down there as the day we packed up in your room I do not recall that you took low shoes like this with you. The panorama of camp is interesting. As the water tower does not show in any of these scenes, I assume this was where you stood when you took the pictures. I was also interested in the view of the interior of your room. I noticed the typewriter on the stand at the left, then the Bureau with what looks like Babe’s photo on top and another which I cannot make out. Then the low table on which there is some round gadget like a small motor and a pile of magazines or something. I suppose your bed and radio is on the other side of the room. It was altogether a nice little visit and I enjoyed visiting you although you kept pretty quiet and had very little to say.

This is been a busy weekend here. Friday Ced went over to see Rusty and learned that he is not planning to go to Alaska with them, undoubtedly for the reason that he has not the necessary funds. He is writing two stories which he expects to induce some publisher to accept, which, with the illustrations which will go with it, he feels ought to bring him in some cash. I have read the stories and while the ideas are good he lacks style and I do not believe he can get rich on his writing. I fear he will be doomed to disappointment if he is banking on this means of getting to Alaska. Dan wrote to Jim Shields asking if he would like to go with them, and received the following night letter in reply: “Sorry, Dan, but July is the earliest I could leave. If you had only let me know a week sooner. I hope to get there later if you write me the possibilities. Why not stop here overnight? Bueno sureta amigo mio y hasta luego, Yours in mourning,  Jim.” So the upshot of the matter seems to be that the boys will go by themselves which seems to me a far better arrangement. I think I wrote you we are planning some sort of a send off party for the boys. Because the Chandler Chorus picnic occurred last Saturday, our plans for that day fell through, then Carl (Wayne) had a bright idea that his new boat, which they had been painting and fixing up, might be launched last week and we could all have a sailing party, but as the boat was not finally put into the water until yesterday and had to soak a few days to swell up so that it would not leak, that idea was out. Anyway, they did get going on a party here last night which resolved itself chiefly around a scavenger hunt. I am enclosing slips showing who was on which team and what the articles were that were sought. The girls provided the eats, I made the punch and the boys contributed towards some parting gifts, consisting of a heavy pair of wool lined mitts for each plus a red plaid woodsman shirt and miscellaneous toilet articles. Carl got Jimmy Smith to act as the judge and we did have a lot of fun passing on the merits of the various articles.

Blog - Alaskan Farewell Scavenger Hunt - June, 1940 (2) Teams 

#2 – Dick Christie, Charley Hall, Jane Mantle (future Mrs. Hall), 

#1 – Arnold (Gibson)Alta Pratt (future Mrs. Gibson), Dan Guion, Bar Plumb (dating Dan), Zeke (Raymond Zabel, Biss’s husband)

# 3 – Carl (Wayne) Ethel Bushey (future Mrs. Wayne), Jean Hughes, Red Sirene, Dave (Guion)

# 4 – Ced Guion Flora Bushey, Lois Hennigan, Ray Wang (Carl Wayne’s brother)

Scavenger Hunt Items

Scavenger Hunt Items

1. 8 Black chicken feathers

2. worm

  3. sea shells

  4. bird’s nest

  5. 1935 Lic. plate

 6. baby shoe

 7. stocking with run

 8. live fly

 9. 1938 calendar

 10. newspaper announcing declaration of War

 11. Tadpole

12. bright red garter

13. floor nail bloomer

15. lace night cap

Dick was out with a bunch of his high school friends on a party that had been previously arranged, so he was not at the party. It broke up about 1:30 with a good time had by all. Elizabeth came in later with the baby after the teams had returned and “Butch” (Elizabeth’s 9-mo.-old son, Raymond Zabel Jr.,) kept everybody amused for a while.

I’ll post the rest of the letter tomorrow, but I thought you might enjoy reading who was at the party (names that have been mentioned before) and the creative list of items Grandpa came up with. (This is Grandpa’s writing.)


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