Friends – Larry and Russ – The Two Jeeps – June 15, 1940

We have jumped back to 1940. Lad has been in Venezuela for about a year and a half and seems to like the work. Dan and Ced have recently left Trumbull to drive to Seattle and then take a ship to Anchorage, Alaska, where they hope to get jobs working for a friend of Rusty’s (Heurlin), the owner of a mine.

Blog - Lad in Venezuela walking in field (cropped)

Alfred Peabody Guion (Lad) in Venezuela

_ Saturday –

June 15, 1940

Dear Laddie:

We were very happy to receive your last letter and know we were not definitely in your discard file. For a while there you had us very worried; discard from your (we hope) preferred (?) list would be a terrible fate.

Things are pretty much the same as you left them here at 15 Harrison. We manage to keep happy and our bills are paid – so what more can we ask? With the exception of a few new articles our place will be as familiar as a favorite book, when you return.

By the way, when, if ever, are you coming home? I have lost track of your signed up period but don’t they let you off on a furlough once in two or three years anyway? We most certainly would like to see you anytime, the sooner the better.

You’re as good-natured as ever according to your story about your car. We are glad to hear you have a car, for your sake though, not for the entire crew. When your rainy season hits, try to find time to write a couple of lonesome “Jeeps”, if you can.

I think I told you that Cora, Rusty’s sister, was married last October. Well, they expect a little one in September. No as yet, I still have the same figure you last saw, with a little less weight. Seriously, however, if our plans work out right, we will have a baby of our own next summer. There are always a good many “ifs” in such plans but we are hoping and praying – so we shall see. The last order from Russ was twin girls and I would love twins myself, so you never know.

(Interesting mention of twins, because Lad and Marian’s first pregnancy resulted in twins, my brother and I.)

We have not seen Babe (Cecelia Mullins, Lad’s girlfriend in Trumbull) in almost a month now. You know how she goes in fits and starts, we may see her two or three times in one week then not again for a month. Occasionally she drops in with her bag and spends the weekend. We like having her but never know when to expect her.

Russ is earning a little more money now, starting today, working in a self-service store on Fairfield Ave., Bridgeport, as a checker, on Saturdays.

Right now I am up to my ears in Red Cross work, and knitting children’s sweaters for the poor children who are pretty destitute, abroad. You feel as though it was worthwhile work and I like to do it, for, in the same circumstances, I might want help myself – Heaven have mercy on them.

I will close this now and do my cleaning, so until we hear from you, which we hope shall be soon, we are as always,

With loads of love,

Larry and Russ

(Laura Mae and Russell Stanley)

P.S. Please forgive my delay, next time I promise to do better.

Tomorrow and for the rest of the week, I will be posting letters from Grandpa to his three oldest sons, Lad in Venezuela and Dan and Ced driving to Seattle on their way to a possible job at a mine near Anchorage, Alaska. 

Judy Guion


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