Trumbull – Dear Lewis and Clark – Dan and Ced have left For Alaska – June 14, 1940

Dan - 1938

Daniel Beck Guion

Ced - 1938

Cedric Duryee Guion

June 14, 1940

Dear Lewis and Clark:

Yesterday was a sizzling hot mid-August day here and if it was as hot on the road you must have thought you were traveling South instead of West. Today however has been an ideal June day – – so much so, in fact, that Dick decided to play hooky from the office and stayed home to carry on Dan’s landscaping work around the home grounds, incidentally giving Mack a bath between whiles.

I can hardly get used to the modest gathering around the supper table. Dave remarked tonight as he was setting the table that he kept finding himself getting out five plates, napkins, etc.

Can either of you throw any light on the mystery of my latest telephone bill, listing two calls to Cambridge on the 20th and 21st of May? I asked Don (Stanley, son of Anne (Peabody), Grandma Arla’s sister) who was here tonight, if you had called him up but he knew nothing about it. It’s all right if the calls were made but I don’t feel like paying the telephone company for calls charged to me in the amount of $.80 or so in error. Tonight’s mail also brought a bill from Mister Whitney for two flexible connectors and fittings totaling $2.50. Here ends the bad news.

Last night I sat down with the map and pencil and paper and tried to figure where you would be, when, and the result is enclosed. I sent you a postal this morning when I stopped at the store for mail, addressing it to New Richmond in the hope that it would reach you there, telling you to stop at the places shown on the slip for any mail I might send. I reasoned that if you got to Cleveland at all Thursday night it would probably be late, and still later before you turned in after chatting with the Draz’s, so that you would not get a very early start Friday. Traveling through big cities like Cleveland and Chicago slow up your rate with the probable result that if you made the 360 miles to Chicago by nightfall you would be doing quite well. If you got an early start Saturday and all went well, you might make the 420 miles to New Richmond and what with talking to the relations, etc., I doubted whether you would get away very early Sunday for the 450 mile trip to Bismarck, even counting on each of you “spelling” the other fellow in driving and possibly doing some night traveling. An average of 400 miles as a steady diet for a week is pretty tiresome as a daily schedule, so if you make Bismarck by Sunday night you will be doing right well. From here on, according to my geography, you will be getting into the mountainous country. From Billings to Butte you will have climbed to the top of the Continental Divide and then too, you may decide to make a side trip to Yellowstone. If not you can keep to your 400 mile a day average and will be in Butte Tuesday night, Spokane Wednesday and Seattle Thursday P.M. I will be interested to see from your return postals how near you will be to keeping the schedule. For your own sake I hope you don’t.

By the way, I wish you would send me the name and address of the mine in Alaska to which you are bound. I suppose I could write to Rusty (Heurlin) and get it, but you probably have it handy and can P.S. it on one of your postals.

Nothing else of moment to report so I shall retire to my sanctum santorum in the hope that Arnold will not violate it before I can don my B.V.D.’s. I hope you will sleep tonight as comfortably as I.

Hasta Luego, Dan, and good night Ced.


Tomorrow  I’ll be posting a letter from Grandpa to Lad, in two parts, and another to Dan and Ced on Friday.

Judy Guion


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