Trumbull – Dear Clan – Just Met Captivating Blonde Without Shirt – September 30, 1942

Trumbull, Conn., Sept. 20, 1942

Dear Clan:

Highlighting the news this week is the announcement of the engagement of Charley Hall and Jane Mantle. I believe it happened last Tuesday. Anyway they dropped in here Thursday and Jane exhibited her sparkler which naturally was admired by all. Red (Don Sirene) is home for a week before he goes back to school again. For his thesis he is planning to submit plans for a civic center for the Town of Trumbull. Jack Fillman, we learn, is now at Guadalcanal while Benny Slawson is a rear gunner on a bomber. Three Bridgeporters have been nominated for Governor of Connecticut – – Ray Baldwin (rep) Robert Hurley (present dem. Incumbent) and Jasper Mc Levy (soc).

Dan in uniform @ 1945

Daniel Beck Guion

Saturday I received a telegram from Dan as follows: “Just met captivating blonde without shirt. Please wire $15 for philanthropical purposes. No particular rush – – just want to avoid long wait in bread line.”

The blonde particularly interests me, Dan. What I can’t figure out is whether the blonde is one of those generous girls that will give you anything she has, including the shirt off her back, which she did, or whether you got into trouble because of her and lost the shirt off your back. In other words, please wire at once who’s shirt it was that was without. Meantime the mere matter of the 15 bucks has been attended to, being merely incidental to the main question raised by your telegram. Barbara is also interested, as you may imagine. “What does he do with all his money?” Was the thought spoken out loud as she read the intriguing message. This was followed by visions of an embryonic loan business being started within U.S. Army circles – – the Daniel in the Lion’s Den Loan and Financing Association or some such name – – perhaps that is where the philanthropy comes in. And as for the bread line, perhaps you ought to begin to wonder about the waste line. Well, so much for that episode.

Lad popped in early this morning and soon after dinner filled up his car’s tank with all the gas he could legally buy on his A ration card and started, with five weak tires, off to Maryland. We’re all keeping our fingers crossed.

The last item of real news, to me at least, was receipt from Ced of a package containing one of the most unique and attractive belts it has ever been my good fortune to encounter – – not only because it was an unusually fine piece of cowhide, but because of the unusual buckle – – a hand-carved Ivory depiction of a typical Alaskan scene, personally signed by the author. It is quite different from anything I have ever seen with a personality and individuality all its own. Everyone who has seen it makes enthusiastic comments. “Worth waiting for”, “something you can be proud to wear”, “never saw anything like it”, “truly suggestive of Alaska”, etc. Then following on the heels of this most welcome momento of my faraway Alaskan son, I also received a short but right welcome letter (with m.o.(money order), for which thanks much, Ced) announcing his departure on another plane salvaging trip. He is fast developing into a veteran plane wrecking repair expert.

With radio jazzing in my ear, conversation bantering back and forth, coupled with the fact that I’m about written out anyway, induces me to consider the end of the page is approaching with the usual accompaniment of its good bye, from         DAD

Tomorrow, a letter from Lad to his father. 

Judy Guion


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