Army Life – Dear Dad – A Little Ribbing From Marian – April 22, 1944

Marian (Irwin) Guion, Nov, 1943 - Wedding Day

Marian (Irwin) Guion (Mrs. Lad)

The following note from Marian is in direct response to the section of a letter written by Grandpa on Easter day, 1944. I will quote;
“And Marian sent me a little Easter card which arrived in Saturday’s mail. I’m quite jealous though because both Aunt Betty and Jean got pink handkerchiefs with sachet bags enclosed which were omitted in my envelope.”
Marian sent the following note on April 22, 1944 in response.

Marian's note about the sachets - April, 1944
Dear Dad,

In the letter we received last week
there was a certain reference,
made to the fact that we had shown
a very distinct preference!

We didn’t know – (we’ve been away
from Trumbull quite a spell.)
That Dad had reached the well-known stage
that even “best friends won’t tell”!

He seems to think that a sweet sachet
will help his cause a bit.
But frankly, Dad, we think you’ll find
that there is something you forgot !

So we are sending with this note
the things we think you need,
we know your friends will all return
if only you take heed.

And use a little every day
of each and every one.
With best regards from daughter-in-law
and ever loving son.

Tomorrow, a short (for Grandpa) letter,  On Thursday, another letter from Rusty Huerlin. in Nome, Alaska, traveling with Governor Gruening and Major Marston, who are evaluating locations and the people who could help defend Alaska. He writes to Ced with a request. On Friday, Grandpa’s response to Marian’s ribbing.

Judy Guion 


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