Trumbull – To My Sons, Everywhere (1) – Lots of Questions – June 30, 1940

Lad continues to work – and sleep – in Venezuela and Dan and Ced are sailing from Seattle to Anchorage, Alaska, in pursuit of well-paying jobs.

Alfred Peabody (Lad) Guion – Pariaguan – 1940

June 30, 1940

To my sons, everywhere:

Or to be more specific, to Dan and Ced on the high seas, and Lad on the low land, GREETINGS:   Here it is the last day of June and things are running along about in the same groove on the home place, now far away from all of you.

Daniel Beck Guion and Cedric Duryee Guion, on their way to Anchorage, Alaska in June of 1940

Family news: a telegram from “The Boys” in Seattle, sent Monday of this week, reading – “Arrived Seattle Saturday. Delay telegram because plans uncertain. Sold car. Sailing Wednesday. Ample funds. Met Art Mantle. Ced having baby and doing damned well. Wow.” The last line evidently knocked the operator completely haywire, as evidenced by the fact that at the bottom of the postal blank are the words : “ample Ced wow”, thrown in as a last resort to save the company from embarrassment if the message as sent should not prove correct. Will wonders never cease! I have heard of the Virgin Mary but this is something else again. No wonder the poor boy left home. Barbara (Plumb, Dan’s girlfriend) is quite shocked and the members of the Chandler Choral Society, most of whom have seen the message, are meeting in special session to sew on a layette. (They did not say what they were going to sew it on to).

In last week’s missive if I reported on progress postals, pilgrims at that time having reached Rapid City, on the 19th. Evidently the name of the town furnished an incentive or an idea, because the next card, dated the 20th was from Wyola, Mont., and the last one on the 21st from Wallace, Idaho.

The blow-by-blow history of this momentous trek will not be complete without my mention of Ced’s card from Wyola. Even as early as this the poor boy showed signs of the great mental stress which was later explained by the telegram. He wrote his postal backward (but then he always was a backward child) and while it fooled a good many people who tried to read it, his old father, who possesses all the brains of the family anyway, got to the clue after one reading.

Mrs. Mantle was particularly overjoyed to hear that Art was in Seattle as she had not heard from him for weeks, and with the war threats, the refusal of the President to say where he had ordered the fleet, she was becoming quite mentally perturbed, as it were. I have promised to let her know how it came about they met, whether by accident or design, and I am also to inform Carl and Arnold all about the facts relative to the sale of the little old Willys, and the reasons therefor. Did they see the Stolls? Did they find they could not economically transport the car to Alaska or did they need cash? All these questions I hope will be answered by a letter, which I anticipate is on the way.

Tomorrow, I will post the rest of this letter and on Friday, an official-looking letter and booklet issued on June 20, 1940 to Lad in Venezuela.

Judy Guion


3 thoughts on “Trumbull – To My Sons, Everywhere (1) – Lots of Questions – June 30, 1940

  1. Pure Glory says:

    Quite a bit of excitement in this missive. Love the commentary from Grandpa!

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