Trumbull – To My Sons, Everywhere (2) – Family News – June 30, 1940

A one-page but interesting letter from Lad, which, also, I hope will be amplified in his next, recounts the highlights of an eight day trip to Caracas by plane, in which he saw his dentist, had dinner and a pleasant evening with Mr. O’Connor, did some shopping, saw some movies, went to clubs and dances with friends, and in his own way painted the town a Spanish red, with the assistance of Martin Williams. His camera was stolen at Pariaguan, but nothing daunted, in true Yankee spirit, he just went out and got another — even better than his first. Apparently he did not get the matter of the tools settled as Max is back in U.S.A.

We had another large town meeting Thursday and at last Sexton won out on the audit. The level-heads lost out to the crack-pots by a vote of 176 to 204, and $6000 of the taxpayers money will be spent to satisfy a personal grudge. This is a hell of an age in which we are living.

Gwen Stanley

Gwen Stanley

Don Stanley

Donald Stanley

Aunt Anne and the children left for Vermont Monday. She has informed Fred that, new wife or not, he owes it to the children to give them the vacation he promised them on the lake, and while he had not definitely told her, up to the time she left Trumbull, when he wanted them to arrive “for a week’s visit”  and which she told him it had to be considerably longer than that, she decided to get them up there anyway and at the same time make arrangements for Gweneth to hire the same riding horse she had last year, of which she is very fond and which there was a chance she would not be able to obtain, as Carol had told Gweneth that the Kemper Peabody’s were renting a cottage on the lake for the summer and Carol was to have said horse. Methinks I can see storm clouds in the offing.

Yesterday afternoon I spent having the boys move out the old Waverley (Electric car) into the former chicken coop and cleaning and sweeping the barn out, removing the accumulated dirt of more than a year, if I am not mistaken. The next cleaning job is the cellar.

Dan’s checks From the Highway Department and Lad’s regular monthly check from Socony arrived and are deposited. They helped me to meet the semi-annual payment of interest on the mortgage due July 1st, which will be replaced, of course. The new tax schedule is now operative and hereafter one quarter of the annual tax will be due and payable every three months, starting August 1st.

Dave is quite happy because he just got over the passing mark with an average of 76 1/2, although he flunked in Latin and Algebra and will probably have to go five years. However he does not have to go back to Whittier (High School in Bridgeport) which was what was worrying him most of all.

Well, there is some hope for the future now that Willkie is nominated, and it certainly makes me feel a lot better. As you know he very definitely was my choice from the beginning. Now if Franklin will leave the wreckage and gracefully retire, maybe something can be saved for posterity. I shall end on this note of optimism.

As always,


Tomorrow, you will finally get a look at the letter and booklet I have been telling you about all week. 

Judy Guion


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