Trumbull – Dear High School Graduate (2) – News From Other Family Members – June 25, 1944

This is the second half of the letter I posted yesterday concerning Dave’s graduation and gratifying news from Dan.

Daniel Beck Guion

In the same mail there also arrived a copy of the London Daily Telegraph of June 7th which Dan thoughtfully sent and copies of the overseas “Stars and Stripes” of June 7th and 9th. Thank you, Dan. It was certainly good to know you were not part of one of the beachhead landing parties and while much tough fighting unquestionably lies ahead, your letter was a tonic which sent the blood coursing happily through my arteries. In my exuberance I even tried to do the English crossword puzzle on the back page of the Telegram but was ignominiously defeated.

There is a note of cheer to the letter Jean received from Dick: “I am due to leave Fort Eliza ( sometime beginning July, but don’t know for where – – a 50-50 chance of going back to the States”.

Marian Irwin Guion (Mrs. Lad)

Marian writes that she and Lad have returned at last to their old stomping grounds after all the brief visits to their respective in-laws. Marian says now all she needs is to meet the rest of the family in the same kind of pleasant surroundings. They had a very lovely visit with Larry and Marian (Larry and Marian Peabody in Milan, Ohio) on the way West. They had rain and even snow all the way to California. Lad has left for two weeks desert training under real wartime conditions – – gas attacks, blackout restrictions and living in foxholes. While in San Francisco they got together with Alta and Arnold. (Alta and Arnold Gibson, Lad’s best friend from Trumbull, Arnold is in the service also) (I will take care of sending the camera and the insurance matter. Dave was also grateful for the gas coupons. Knowing Ced, I am sure he doesn’t think you are neglectful but that you just didn’t get his package (A wedding gift). Maybe it will turn up some day like the delayed one I sent you.)

Richard Peabody Guion

Dick, thank you for the cigars. I like them better than the first lot you sent, which, while more costly, were not so mild as the last lot.

I am now waiting to hear from Alaska as to what Ced has set fire to next. After all the trouble and training I gave you children as to playing with fire, not to say spankings, and to think my third child has turned into a veritable firebug. If Ced ever gets into the Army they should put him in charge of a flamethrower.

Jean is worried about putting on weight. She is a veritable butter tub and we will soon all have to start calling her Fatty. Modesty deters me from mentioning the fact it must be the meals Aunt Betty and I are serving her. Instead of a perfect 36 she now makes straight for the Fashionable Stout department at Read’s and even they have trouble finding 48s and 50s in these days of material shortages. When Jean reads this of course, she will start pursuing me with a rolling pin, but I don’t care. I still can out run a fat woman.

The radio says tonight we have captured Cherbourg, Joe has started his drive from Vitebak to Berlin and another aircraft carrier has just been sunk in the Pacific, so I guess it’s all right for me to retire and let you boys carry on. I’ll be seeing you.


Tomorrow I’ll be posting another letter from Grandpa to all five of his sons, on Thursday I will post a letter from Lad and on Friday a letter to Ced from Rusty Heurlin.

Judy Guion


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