Special Picture # 294 – Lad and Marian’s Trip to New Hampshire – 1945


After my Father returned from France but before he was released from the Army, he had a furlough and he and my Mom, took a tour of New Hampshire, with one stop at the Island. I don’t know where two of the pictures were taken but I believe one was on Lake Winnipesaukee and the other was at the top of Mt. Washington.

Lad and Marian next to the train engine at the top of Mt. Washington, New Hampshire.

Marian and Lad relaxing at their campsite.

Lad taking a quick nap at their campsite.

A friend, Marian and Lad boating on Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire.


Special Picture # 293 – Dave and Butch’s Baptism – June, 1940

This is an excerpt from a letter written to my father, Lad, while he was in Venezuela in June of 1940.

This morning I got up at nine and got the dinner started and then rushed up and got dressed for church, because this was the day Mr. Bollman had appointed for baptismal services, and not only was young grandson to be baptized along with three other babies, but our own David was also to receive the same sacrament along with Evelyn Hughes and Robert Shattuck. Your nephew was very good during the entire ceremony but celebrated by wetting himself afterwards while his father was holding him. They decided to leave on this account before the ceremony was over and stopped at MacKenzie’s drugstore on the way home because Zeke was thirsty. Baby evidently did not approve of this because he upset a glass of Coca-Cola and Mac, in his haste to mop up the spilling, upset another glass himself.

These pictures were all taken on the same day. Both Dave and Raymond, Jr. (Butch) were baptized on June 9, 1940

Grandpa, Dick, Ced, Biss, Zeke holding Raymond, Jr. (Butch) and Dan.

Biss and Raymond Jr. (Butch)

Dan holding Butch and Ced


Raymond, Jr. (Butch) and Dan on the side lawn

Special Picture # 291 – Christmas, 1939


Grandpa writes on the back – “Photo by Venezuelan Dan, Mack smells Dad’s rum, December 25, 1939”

Back – Dick, Grandpa, Ced and Dave               Front – Aunt Betty, Aunt Elsie

Grandpa writes on the back – “Sister Dick and others by photographer Ced, December 25, 1939”

Back – Grandpa, “sister” Dick, Dan        Front – Aunt Elsie, Aunt Betty, Dave

Smoky at the bottom

Special Picture # 288 – Jean Guion, Aunt Betty and Grandpa, January 27, 1945


Jean Guion (Mrs. Dick), Aunt Betty Duryee, Grandpa (Alfred Duryee Guion)

Marian writes on the back – “Jean thinks this is awful. She says Aunt Betty looks like a midget beside her. Dad is supposed to be pointing to where you are. Direction??? I’m taking the picture ! See me? January 27, 1945, Trumbull, Conn.”

Special Picture # 286 – Trumbull House – Blizzard of 1940


Just found these pictures from the Blizzard of 1940.

Dave, Mack and Dick shoveling.

Dave with Mack in front of the Packard.

Dick does a “Whirling Dervish”.

Note on the back: “Russian camouflaged as spruce tree sights at snowdrift, figuring it might be a Finn. Real Finn is disguised as a discarded coat in foreground.”