Ced’s Amazing Adventure (22) – A Postcard to Ced and Another From Ced to Grandpa – August, 1934

The following postcard is from Helen Burnham. The Burnham’s were neighbors of  Grandma and Grandpa Guion in Larchmont Gardens, at the Lincoln Avenue House. Helen’s father, Rufus, remained a lifelong friend of Grandpa’s.

CDG - Helen Burnham to Ced - Aug., 8, 1934

Tues., August 7, 1934

Dear Ced,

The family have asked me to write this for us all to thank you for your many cards. We do appreciate your little notes ever so much and I hope you will continue to send them.

Hope you’re having a nice time meeting all your relatives. Star Prairie is such a pretty name, is it as pretty a place as it sounds?

Dad is teaching me to drive. Tonight after supper, while it is still light, we took the car out to some unfrequented stretch of road and then I took the wheel. Tonight I drove all the way home.

Yesterday Ellie and I went swimming at Playland with a friend. I got a terrible sunburn and in suffering agonies. Next time I will be more careful.

The writing on the rest of the card is so small that I can’t read what she has written, 


This is a list of the brothers and sisters of Kemper Peabody, Arla’s father, in birth order, to help you figure out relationships. (U’m still having trouble figuring out who all these people are, myself !):

  1. Putnam Burton, b. 28 July 1856, Alden, Wisc.
  2. Sarah Ester, b. 4 April 1858
  3. Helen Sophia, b. 17 Nov 1859
  4. Kemper, b. 2 Aug, 1861, Sheboygan, Wisc., m. Anna Charlotta Westlin (Grandma Peabody) (Father of Arla Mary Peabody, who married Alfred D Guion, Grandpa to me)
  5. Lloyd, b. 31 Aug 1863, Alden, Wisc
  6. Mary Brown, b. Sept, 1865
  7. Ellen Marion, b. 6 April 1867
  8. Eunice Diantha, b. 15 Nov. 1868
  9. Douglas, b. 12 Sept. 1871
  10. 10. Francis Cornet, b. 3 July 1873
  11. 11. Norman Rex, b. 29 June 1877
  12. 12. Margaret Smith Osborne, b. 3 Sept. 1879; d. 7 April 1880
  13. 13. Kenneth Foster, b. 17 Nov. 1881


This next postcard is from Ced to Grandpa:

CDG - Ced's postal to Grandpa, Aug., 10, 1934

Wednesday, Star Prairie

Dear Dad,

Since writing you last I have worked on a thresher when I met Uncle Rex. I have also written of Douglas’s children, Mercedes, and last Sunday we went down to John Dale’s where we met John, his wife and their five children. Next Sunday Uncle Fred and his wife are coming up from St. Paul to get Barbara and I am going back with them. In St. Paul I will also meet Uncle Lloyd. We play ten kettles almost every night while Uncle Kenneth milks and we have some good times. Last week I went with Uncle Kenneth to a farm meeting where donations were made for the truck strikers. More later.

Lots of love to all,


Tomorrow and for the rest of the week, I will post A Christmas Report From Trumbull, Connecticut, December 30, 1945.

Judy Guion

Ced’s Amazing Adventure (21) – Uncle Kenneth Peabody’s Farm – August, 1934

The following pictures are of Uncle Kenneth’s farm (Arla’s Uncle, her father’s brother, Ced’s Great-uncle) in Star Prairie, Wisconsin. Ced traveled to the farm after his four days at the Chicago World’s Fair. I believe these pictures were taken when Ced and his older brother, Dan, were on their way to Alaska in 1940. The last one, showing Muriel as a young girl, was definitely taken at that time because she was only 7 months old when Ced made his first stop there in 1934. I don’t think things have changed much in the years since Ced’s first visit.

CDG - M.B.Peabody Cottage - 1934

MB Peabody’s Cottage

CDG - Paul - Uncle Kenneth Peabody's Bull, Star Prairie, Wisc. - 1934

Paul, Uncle Kenneth Peabody’s Bull

CDG - Stanley's Team - (son of Douglas Peabody) - 1934

Stanley’s Team (son of Douglas Peabody)

(Douglas is another of Arla’s Uncles)

CDG - Uncle Kenneth Peabody, Aunt Nora, Allan, Joyce and Muriel c. 1942

Allan, Uncle Kenneth, Joyce, Aunt Nora, 

Muriel in front

Tomorrow I will post another piece of Ced’s Amazing Adventure.

Judy Guion

Ced’s Amazing Adventure (17) – From Chicago to Star Prairie, Wisconsin (2) – August, 1934

Cedric Duryee Guion, my Uncle and Grandpa’s third son, is in the process of hitchhiking from Trumbull, Connecticut to North Dakota and Wisconsin to meet members of his Mother’s (Arla Mary (Peabody) Guion) family. He spent a few days in Chicago at the 1934 Chicago World’s Fair. The next two posts are from his “Letter Diary”, as Ced writes home to Grandpa and tells him, in the smallest detail, what has happened so far on this Adventure.

Here I got out and started on very nervous and feeling rather terrible. However, this was apparently a very eventful day, for almost every ride brought a new experience as you have probably already seen. The next ride was in an old Chevrolet with a razor blade salesman who stopped at every gas station to trade razor blades for gas so as to get to St. Paul. At one gas station we learned that the hurt boy had gone on ahead of us to the hospital at Eau Claire so apparently there was still life in him. I don’t believe I will ever know if he lived or not and certainly will try to find out very hard. Well, to go on, the traveling salesman slowed me up so much stopping for sales  – gas  – that I was glad when he finally decided to stop and I gladly left him. Soon I got a ride for about 8 miles and then another about three with little walking in between. Then right away another ride right to the road which runs about 10 miles into New Richmond, which is about 8 miles from Uncle Kenneth’s place. This ride was very fast as the man was trying to get to Indianapolis at a certain time, he had already averaged 45 for the last 300 miles and he had a Ford model A about a 1931. Well, when he let me out, I walked along the New Richmond Road about a mile when a young fellow about my age picked me up in a model T that carried me to New Richmond. He said he and two other boys are going to take this Ford roadster to the coast in a few weeks. (I wished him good luck but I did not believe it possible). At New Richmond I called Uncle Douglas and he came and got me.  (Uncle Kenneth has no phone). Ever since I have stayed with the Kenneth Peabody family, but I have met Uncle Douglas his wife and two of his children, Stanley and Francis.

Uncle Douglas, Aunt Edna and daughter Francis taken at Alden, Wisconsin in August, 1934

Uncle Kenneth, Aunt Muriel, Allan, Joyce and Muriel, taken at Alden, Wisconsin, August, 1934

Aunt Nora (Mrs. Kenneth) and Muriel, taken at Alden, Wisconsin, August, 1934

Friday, Uncle Kenneth dropped me off in Uncle Rex’s yard but Rex was not home, however I met his wife, and his two children, Russell and Marshall.

Uncle Rex, Aunt Ella, Russell and Marshall, taken at Deer Park, Wisconsin, August, 1934

(This maybe the picture Uncle Burton is talking about.)

On this farm (the old Peabody farm) there is, as you know, a cottage built by Aunt Helen and Aunt Dorothy.

Uncle Burton, Aunt Anna and Vivien at the Cottage, taken at Alden, Wisconsin, August, 1934

Arla Mary Peabody

       Arla Mary Peabody

Uncle Burton, now 87 years old, lives there and he is a mighty fine old fellow if you ask me. He said that he has a marvelous picture of mother just before she married you and he is going to send you and each of the children separate copies of it. He also gave me three photographs which he said are imperfects. I will explain them all when I get home if you do not know the places and faces. I guess Uncle Burton is the only one that sees much of Rex but I have a feeling that this family is probably coming together again because Uncle Kenneth drove into Rex’s yard today (he told me it was the first time) and he talked with both Russell and Rex’s wife. The Rex Peabodys have invited Uncle Burton for dinner Sunday night.

Uncle Frank (Francis Cornet), Pete Draz, Dave and Dick, taken at Chagrin Falls, Wisconsin, August, 1934

Besides identifying the people, Ced also wrote, “My Godfather, good friend of AD Guion at Mount Vernon, NY”

Uncle Frank’s daughter Barbara is here with Uncle Kenneth until the 12th, so of course I have met her. As I said at the beginning , there is a new baby here and they are crazy about her of course. They are having very hard times this year and Uncle Kenneth and I were talking together and he said they had gotten no hay at all this year, of course the well for running water is dry but they have got a hand pumped well which holds up pretty well. They all wanted me to send their love to you.

I like them all very much although I have not seen much of any but the Kenneth Peabody’s. I have seen the cows milked. Today I went with Uncle Kenneth and watched him run the binder. I am having a wonderful time and hope you all are.

Lots of love to you all,


My present address is in care of Mr. Kenneth Peabody, Star Prairie, Wisc. Route 1

Tomorrow, a letter written by Grandpa to Ced.

Judy Guion

Special Picture # 366 Alfred Duryee and Elsie May Guion – circa 1895

Alfred Duryee and Elsie May Guion about 1895

                       Alfred Duryee Guion and Elsie May Guion about 1895

I believe this picture was taken in the mid-1890’s in front of the Lincoln Avenue House in Mount Vernon, NY. Grandpa had not lost his father yet and they hadn’t moved to the much smaller house on Dell Avenue. Notice the hats Grandpa and his sister, Elsie, are wearing. I believe they were wealthy at this time since his father worked on Wall Street as a Broker and the house was designed with various beautiful woods in each room.

Tomorrow I will begin posting a week of letters written near the end of 1945. The holidays are getting closer and the Trumbull House residents are looking forward to sharing them with family members.

Judy Guion

Special Picture # 365 – Grandpa’s Immediate Ancestors – 1809 – 1884

 Special Pictures are photos that do not pertain directly to the letters I’m posting but are unique and interesting so I want to share them. Enjoy.

The following are pictures of Grandpa’s Grandparents, his Parents and a picture of him at about one year old. These ancestors have very interesting lives.

Clara Maria de los Dolores Marina (de Beck) Guion (Grandpa’s Grandmother) 1819- 1896

The Reverend Elijah Guion (Grandpa’s Grandfather) 1809-1879

Ella (Duryee) Guion (Grandpa’s Mother) 

Alfred Beck Guion (Grandpa’s Father) 1853-1899

Alfred Duryee Guion (at about 1 year old) 1884-1964

Tomorrow, another Special Picture.

Judy Guion

Special Picture #364 – Marian (Irwin) Guion – 1917 – 1919

Marian (Irwin) Guion, my Mom, passed away on December 16, 2004, less than a year after her husband, and my Dad, Alfred Peabody Guion, passed away on December 28, 2003. I was living with her in California to take over from where Dad left off, caring for Mom. Christmas always takes me back to that year in my life when I lost both parents.

MIG - Marian Dunlap Irwin in 1917.

Marian Irwin – 1917

MIG - Marian and Scrub Irwin - 1919

Homer Irwin and Marian Irwin, probably taken in about 1919.

Tomorrw, I will begin a week of letters written at the beginning of 1940. Lad is still in Venezuela, Dan has come home from there and is a student at the University of Connecticut, Ced, Dick and Dave are all living with Grandpa at the Trumbull House.

Judy Guion

Special Picture # 363 – Alfred Peabody Guion – 1916 – 1920

Alfred Peabody Guion, my Dad, also known as Lad, passed away on December 28, 2003. He was 89 years old. This time of year always brings up many memories, especially because Marian (Irwin) Guion, my Mom,  passed away not quite a year later, on December 16, 2004. I will be posting early childhood pictures of her tomorrow.

This picture is not dated but Grandpa wrote on the back: “Alfred”. He looks about two years old, so this picture was probably taken somewhere in Mount Vernon, NY.

This picture is of Lad and Dan probably when they were about six and four.

Tomorrow, I will post early childhood pictures of Marian (Irwin) Guion, my Mom.

Judy Guion

Alfred Duryee Guion’s Christmas Card – 1964

I believe this 1964 Christmas Card was the most ambitious card that Grandpa ever designed, and unfortunately, he passed away in September, two days after his 80th birthday, before it was finished. The family worked to complete it and included a message that Grandpa had composed, probably years before, to be appended to his final Christmas card. When completed, it was a 21-page booklet, covering  many personal touches of Grandpa’s children, their spouses and 20 of his 21 grandchildren. (His 21st grandchild was born two years later) Consider this Grandpa’s Christmas Legacy.

ADG - 1964 Christmas Card - inside cover

Founded March 17, 1913 at Mount Vernon, New York

March 17, 1913 was the day Alfred Duryee Guion married Arla Mary Peabody.

ADG - 1964 Christmas Card - pg. 1 - Message


B.C.S., New York University

Founder and Chancellor

1884 to 1964


Once more I am faced with the recurring problem of selecting a suitable

idea on which to base a Christmas Message to all my cherished friends.

This year the impact here has been so strongly on graduations and educational

achievements that my thoughts were colored in this direction and are reflected

in the idea of this “1964 Year Book”.

It will have failed in its purpose, however, if above all else, it does not

proclaim my deep and abiding thankfulness in that you have filled so

large a place in making my many years happy ones.

My annual Christmas wish at this sacred season therefore, comes with

renewed hope that “peace on earth and good-will toward men” may

truly be yours.


Alfred D. Guion



First portion of main building completed in 1756.

(This is the Trumbull House, where Grandpa lived in the small apartment out of frame on the right, Lad, Marian and their four children, Doug, Judy, Greg and Lynn lived in the main section to the right in this picture and Dave, Ellie and their two children, David and Robin, lived in the original portion of the house to the left in this picture. Dan, Paulette and their six children, Arla, Cedric, Michele, Wendy, Bruce and Jeffrey,  lived in the Little House, further to the left and at the bottom of the hill out of view.

ADG - 1964 Christmas Card - pg. 3 - Lad, Dan and Dave

A dedicated group of experienced and qualified instructors – all parents themselves – devoting their every effort to inspiring a new generation with the highest ideals of character training and citizenship traditional with the  family name.


ALFRED P. GUION – Professor of Technology and Mechanical Engineering. Also conducts classes in Boating and Water Safety.

DANIEL B. GUION – Professor of Civil Engineering and Modern Building Technique. Also teaches Indian Lore and Youth Fitness. Licensed by State in Surveying, University of Connecticut

DAVID P. GUION – Director of Business Administration,. Courses in Modern Duplicating Equipment and Management.


ADG - 1964 Christmas Card - pg. 4 - Marian, Chiche and Ellie

MARIAN I. GUION – Heads Educational Program Activities, Kindergarten specialization

PAULETTE V. GUION – Language Department Head, specializing in Advanced French. Classes also in Interior Decoration and Color Harmony.

ELEANOR K. GUION – Dir., Vocational Guidance Staff. Classes in Home Furnishing and Antiques.

ADG - 1964 Christmas Card - pg. 6 - Zabel's house


Situated in the Town of Shelton, Connecticut. Ideally located with view of Long Island Sound, within 15 minutes ride of Main Campus. Dormitory accommodations. Spacious grounds. Raises own vegetables. (Elizabeth (Biss Guion, Grandpa’s only daughter) and her husband, Raymond (Zeke) Zabel lived here with their three children, Butch, Marty and Arla).


ADG - 1964 Christmas Card - pg. 5 - Zeke and Biss

RAYMOND ZABEL – Heading School of Applied Science, Advanced Screw Machine Techniques. Courses also in Woodcraft, Hunting and Fishing.

ELIZABETH G. Guion) ZABEL – Dir., Domestic Science Dept., Household Budget Methods. classes in “How to make friends and influence people.”

ADG - 1964 Christmas Card - pg. 8 - Ced's house


In the storied Monadnock Mountain region near Keene, New Hampshire, offers students a bracing climate and ample facilities for hiking, picnicking and mountain climbing. (This is the home of Ced, his wife, Fannie and their four children, Arthur, Neil, Gary and Andrea)

ADG - 1964 Christmas Card - pg. 7 - Ced and Fannie


CEDRIC D. GUION – Professor in Retail Marketing and Business Management. Classes also in Aeronautics and helicopter engineering.

FANNIE P. GUION – Professor of Applied Science. Wells graduate. Teachers Archaeology. Health Director.

ADG - 1964 Christmas Card - pg. 10 - Dick's house


Situated in the famous “Lakes Region” near Meredith, New Hampshire. Large acreage affords many opportunities for summer boating and winter skiing sports. Combines gracious living in a rural atmosphere. (This is the home of Dick, his wife Jean and their two daughters, Suzanne and Marilyn

ADG - 1964 Christmas Card - pg. 9 - Dick and Jean


RICHARD P. GUION – Dir. of Manual Training Department. Conducts class also in woodworking and child training.

JEAN M. GUION – Dir. of Home Economics Department, Heads Advanced Cooking Courses. Classes in Budget Management.

ADG - 1964 Christmas Card - pg. 11 - Spring Island


Spring Island

An island camp in Moultonborough Bay on Lake Winnipesaukee. Established many years ago as a recreation retreat for faculty members, students and friends of the University where summer water sports, boating, fishing and blueberrying can be enjoyed in a private preserve. Owned by the Corporation in perpetuity.

ADG - 1964 Christmas Card - pg. 12 - Grandpa and grandchildren


Through the courtesy of the Raymond Zabel’s, a family picnic was held for the second year here for the faculty, students and friends over the Labor Day holiday. The above picture shows the Chancellor surrounded by ALL of his grandchildren. (Actually, another grandchild, Andrea, his twenty-first grandchild, was born two years after this)

ADG - 1964 Christmas Card - pg. 13 - Butch and Marty


RAYMOND ZABEL, JR – Graduated from University of Pennsylvania, June, 1963. Now married to Elaine Ventresca of Philadelphia and the proud father of Suzanne, born April 3, 1964. Employed as Junior salesman by Congoleum-Nairn. living in Youngstown, Ohio.


MARTIN ZABEL – Graduated June 1964 from the University of Connecticut. Now working to save money for post-graduate work in economics.

ADG - 1964 Christmas Card - pg. 15 - Arla, Doug and Judy


ARLA D. GUION – Graduated Trumbull High School in June, 1964. Enrolled University of Bridgeport, Junior College, for two-year course for Medical Secretary, Associate in Arts Degree, Commuting from Trumbull.

DOUGLAS A. GUION – Graduated Trumbull High School, June, 1964. Working at E. Kurtz & Sons, Trumbull. May be leaving soon to enter one of the Services.

JUDITH A. GUION – graduated from Trumbull High School in June, 1964. Enrolled in freshman class at Central Connecticut State College, New Britain, Connecticut, 4-year course in Elementary Education specializing in Kindergarten and leading to B.A. Degree. Living on campus during week, home week-ends.

ADG - 1964 Christmas Card - pg. 15 - Greg, Cedric, Arla Z., Lynn and Michele


GREGORY A. GUION – Entering Senior Class in Trumbull High School, College Course.. Interested in sports, especially baseball.

CEDRIC V. GUION – Entering Senior Class in Trumbull High School. Works summer in construction.

MARIAN LYNN GUION – Entering Junior Class in Trumbull High School, College Course. No definite plans.

ARLA ZABEL – Entering Freshman year in Shelton High School, College Course. No definite plans for the future.

MICHELE D. GUION – Entering Freshman year in Trumbull High School, no definite plans for future.

ADG - 1964 Christmas Card - pg. 16 - Wendy, Suzanne, Bruce, Marilyn, David and Art


SUZANNE GUION – Age 11 Attending Junior High School in New Hampshire.

WENDY S. GUION – Entering Eighth Grade in Middlebrook Junior High School. Age 13


MARILYN R. GUION – Age 9, Attending Grammar School in New Hampshire.

BRUCE R. GUION – Age  10, Entering Fifth Grade in Daniels Farm School.

ARTHUR C. GUION – Age 7, Attending Grammar School in Keene, New Hampshire.

DAVID P. GUION, JR. – Age 6, Entering First Grade in Daniels Farm School.

ADG - 1964 Christmas Card - pg. 19 - Gary, Robin, Jeffand Neil






ADG - 1964 Christmas Card - pg. 20 - Travelinquents


1954  –  Arla Guion to Calais, France, visiting her French grandparents.

1960  –  Arla, Judy and Douglas on bus tour to Washington, D.C. and Mount Vernon, Virginia.

1961  –  Gregory and Cedric on bus tour to Amish country – Lancaster and Hershey, Pennsylvania.

1962  –  Martin to Yucatán (Chichen Itzo) Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rico, Grand Cayman and Miami.

1962  –  Cedric, Michelle and Wendy to Québec, Montréal, St. Lawrence Seaway Canal and Fort Ticonderoga.

1963  –  Douglas by plane to Copenhagen, Germany, Switzerland, France, Holland, England and Scotland.

1964  –  Arla Zabel and Lynn Guion on New England bus tour, to Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, Provincetown, Plymouth, Salem, Boston.

1964  –  Sue and Marilyn to Maritime provinces of Canada, including New Brunswick, Fundy National Park, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

Publishers note: The “Chancellor” went along on most of the trips and bore all the expenses of every one of them.

ADG - 1964 Christmas Card - pg. 21 - Business Staff

ADG - 1964 Christmas Card - back cover - Final message

On September 13, 1964, just two days after his 80th birthday, Dad passed peacefully onto the great unknown. As he was already working on this “Year Book” Christmas message to you, and because we knew he would have wanted us to, we have decided to publish it.

Also, among his effects, we found this additional message which he intended to be his final message. We send them both along to you.

                                                                                                                                                                          The Guions


When you receive this card I shall have faded into the mysterious silence of eternity.

In my annual Christmas greetings for the last several years I have striven each year to create something a bit out of the ordinary and in this, my final message, I want to adhere to the same tradition.

It is difficult to tell another what the heart feels. Man is inarticulate in the presence of deep emotions and profound truths. He can feel the verities but cannot express them. Yet at the imminence of approaching departure one can sense part of the meaning behind the experience we label “life”.

Everyone in his earthly journey has passed through periods of storm and sunshine, gloomy nights and gladsome days. Among the latter were gratefully numbered those little human contacts, pleasant words and kindly deeds that have made me want to remember you and tell you so at that recurring season of open hearts and good-will, known as Christmastide.

I have felt that as I approach the inevitable day and realize I cannot wait around indefinitely to see the fruition of all the wonderful achievements of science, medicine, atomic power, outer space, etc., or the blossoming into flower of all my promising grandchildren, that the kindly Father of us all grasps my hand and with a friendly smile says: “Come, little man, you had a busy day. It’s bedtime now. Put away all your toys til the morrow, and then when you awake to a bright new day there will be awaiting you delights and wonders far beyond your fondest dream. All your playmates will be there too, so say “good night, and happy dreams.” In a recent book there is told the story of an Indian isolated in the California Hills, the last of his race, who, driven by starvation, wandered into the world of the hated white man who fed and cared for him and learned the ancient unwritten philosophy of life and death of his people, as expressed in the following lines:

When I am dead cry for me a little. Think of me sometimes, but not too much.

It is not good for you or your wife or your husband or your children

to allow your thoughts to dwell too long on the dead.

Think of me now and again as I was in life at some moment which is pleasant to recall.

But not for long. Leave me in peace as I shall leave you, too, in peace.

While you live let your thoughts be with the living.

It’s been a good long day in my case and I’m happier for having known you.

                                                                                                             Alfred D. Guion

I hope you have enjoyed wandering down Memory Lane with me. It has been a pleasure sharing my life through Christmas Cards with you.

Tomorrow and Sunday, more Special Pictures.

Judy Guion

Special Picture # 362 – Thanksgiving at the Trumbull House – 1963

Obviously these pictures were over-exposed but I wanted to share them anyway. I believe they were taken at a Thanksgiving Dinner at the Trumbull House, probably in 1963. It appears that the Daniel and Paulette Guion family as well as the Elizabeth and Raymond Zabel family joined my family and Grandpa at the Big House for dinner. My Mom did the cooking.

APG - Thanksgiving - 1963 - Adults

Clockwise from the lower left: Marian (Irwin) Guion, Alfred Peabody Guion, Raymond (Zeke) Zabel, Elizabeth (Guion) Zabel and Alfred Duryee Guion, (Grandpa). Missing from this picture is Daniel Beck Guion (probably the photographer) and his wife, Paulette (Van Leare) Guion. This table was set in the dining area of the large kitchen.

APG - Thanksgiving - 1963 - Teens

Clockwise from lower left: My twin brother Doug, my younger brother Greg, me, cousin Marty Zabel, cousin Raymond Zabel Jr. (Butch), Dan’s oldest son, Cedric. Missing from this picture is Dan’s oldest daughter Arla. This table was set up in the enclosed screen porch next to the old dining room.

APG - Thanksgiving - 1963 - (kIDS)

Left to right: Dan’s middle son Bruce, Dan’s youngest daughter Wendy, cousin Arla Zabel, Dan’s middle daughter Michele, my sister Marian Lynn.  This table was set up in Grandpa’s living room.

Tomorrow I will begin a week of letters written at the beginning of 1940. Lad is working in Venezuela for the Socony-Vacuum Oil Company as a mechanical troubleshooter for their vehicles and deisel-powered Oil Pumps. Dan, Ced, Dick and Dave are all living at the Trumbull House with Grandpa and Elizabeth (Biss) is busy with her house and the care of her new son, Raymond Zabel Jr.

Judy Guion

Special Picture # 361 – Marian’s Drive Across the Country – 1939

During the summer of 1939, Marian Irwin, my Mom, (on the right) and a friend drove across the country from Bakersfield, California to New York City to visit the World’s Fair.

MIG - Marian, a friend and car - NY World's Fair - 1939

I believe this was probably the first picture taken on that trip as they were packed and ready to head out.  I think that trip was probably quite adventurous for two women at that time. It makes me proud.


Tomorrow, another Special Picture.

Judy Guion