The End of an Era (13) – Then and Now – The Side Yard – 1922 – 2021

Trumbull House - Grandpa and kids - 1928 (2) Little Driveway view - 1928

This is a very early view of the Trumbull House from this angle.  It may have been taken shortly after the Guions moved to Trumbull in 1922. Notice the screened porch, which was converted to year-round use about 1950. The window to the right of the porch was converted to a door at the same time. The small portion of the house all the way to the right was also converted into an apartment for Grandpa, and a door was added below the window on the second floor to give him direct access to the outside.. On the left, you can see that the Summer Porch extended all the way across the front of the house and had a roof.


Trumbull House in winter - (cropped) - 1940 

This is a winter shot of the house from the same angle and was taken in the late 1930’s.


Trumbull House - Dave, Jean and Dick in deep snow, Feb., 1940

The previous picture is cropped from this original picture. Dick, Jean and Dave are playing in the snow on the front hill after a large snowfall. You can see Mack next to the stone pillar on the right. By the way, the pillars were added by Grandpa as well as the other stone work, lining the driveway, in particular. The stonework was done by Axel Larsen, who took care of the outside work while his wife, Astrid, helped Grandma Arla in the house. They had a daughter, Florence, and they lived in the Little House.

ADG - Grandpa with Smokey in yard - near Thanksgiving, 1945

This picture of Grandpa and Mack was probably taken in the 1930’s or 1940’s, again, before the major changes.


Blog - Trumbull House - 1960's (2) - cropped

This picture was probably taken in the 1960’s, after the changes made in about 1950.

APG - Lad Guion in Choir Robe

This is a picture of Lad, Alfred Peabody Guion, taken in the early 1960’s, in his Choir Robe. You can clearly see the door to Grandpa’s apartment.


Trumbull House - June, 2020 - side view

This picture is one that I took in June, 2020 and the house does not look any different than it did before the sale.

Tomorrow, pictures of the back view of the Trumbull House.

Judy Guion

Special Picture # 350 – A Trip To Florida – March, 1936

I knew that my father had taken a trip to Florida with these guys because Art Mantle’s niece, Cindy, (my friend from childhood) sent me a couple of pictures of my Dad. A while ago, I was looking for a particular picture and I came across this picture. A few weeks later, I was looking for the same picture and came across this letter that I don’t ever remember seeing. Some additional information on that trip.

Art Mantle, Carl Wayne, Arnold Gibson and Lad Guion

APG - Lad resting on beach in FL - @ 1936

This looks like Lad is reading something on his mattress on a beach in Florida

I had thought this trip had taken place in 1935 because that’s what my Mom had written on the back of this picture. The letter below is postmarked March, 1936. 




Dear Dad:

        How do you like our new stationary. We  got some  from   each of  the  numerous  Hotels  here, but I think this is the best. We  are here  in  Sarasota  visiting  some  distant  relatives  here of Carl’s.  It is really a very pretty place and  the  weather is  fine. The  biggest trouble  is  the  sulfur  water  but  we  are  beginning  to  get  used  to  it.

        If  you  want  to  write  you  can  send  it  to  general  delivery, Miami. We  are  leaving  here  tomorrow  afternoon  for  the  last  leg of  the  trip  in  a  southern  direction.  Everything  is  fine  except that  after  leaving  Aunt  Anne’s  * Monday  afternoon  and stopping  at  Silver  Springs  for  a  short  visit, a bearing  burned  just  outside  of  Ocala. This  time  it was  number one. But  again  the  Ford  is  running  fine. Now I have  invented  an  oil  pump to  keep oi l  in  the  front  of  the motor  to  eliminate  the  trouble  of  overheated  bearings.

        We  all  went  swimming  this  afternoon  and  got  slightly burned  on  the  beach. The water was  cool  at  first  but  after  the first  dip  it  was  pretty  good.

        We  are  going  to  look  the  town  over  tonight  and  I still have  to  get  shaved  and  dressed  so  as  much  as  I hate  to,  I will have  to  let  it  go  until  some  other  time.

        Hope  to  hear  from  you  in  Miami.



* Lad and his friends, Art Mantle, Carl Wayne and Arnold Gibson stopped to visit Grandma Arla’s younger sister, Anne (Peabody) Stanley in St. Petersburg, Florida. This is where Elizabeth (Biss) went during her Junior year in High School to help Aunt Anne care for her two children, Don and Gwen Stanley, in 1934. This story is told in the Category, “St. Petersburg, FL”.

Tomorrow, another Special Picture.

Judy Guion

Special Picture # 348 – Grandpa And Most Of His Grandchildren – September, 1964

ADG - 1964 Christmas Card - pg. 12 - Grandpa and grandchildren

This picture was taken on Labor Day weekend in 1964. It is a copy of a page from the last Christmas card created by Grandpa, “Chancellor” of  Guion University, Trumbull Connecticut, “Devoted to the development of family unity”. Grandpa passed away on September 13th, 1964, two days after his 80th birthday and not long after this photo was taken. To be completely accurate, another grandchild was born after he passed away, so he and Grandma Arla actually had 21 grandchildren.

For many years, Grandpa created a variety of Christmas Cards, printing and sending them to over 200 friends and family. The theme for this one was inspired by the college graduation of one of his grandchildren in June of that year, the high school graduation of  three of his grandchildren (including me) and one grandchild’s college graduation in June of 1963. You can view the entire card, as well as the other Christmas Cards, in the Category “Christmas Cards”, listed in Categories on my Blog.

I am standing in the back row, all the way to the right, peeking between two cousins.

Tomorrow, another Special Picture.

Judy Guion

Special Picture # 345 – Beautiful Sunset At The Island – July, 2015

I must admit this is one of my all-time favorite sunsets at the Island. Enjoy. I will be going up there this coming weekend for the Fourth of July. 

Spring Island - beautiful sunset - 2015

Tomorrow I will begin posting a week of letters written in 1944.There is a possibility that both Lad and Dave will be shipped overseas in the not to distant future and Marian will drive to Trumbull to stay at the Trumbull House with Grandpa and Jean for the duration. Only time will tell.

Judy Guion

Special Picture # 344 – Christmas in Florida – 1934



Grandma Arla (Peabody) Guion passed away in June of 1933. Elizabeth (Biss) was fourteen years old. She was having a hard enough time without her Mother but I believe the adults expected her to take on a much bigger role around the house. Biss resented this and wanted nothing to do with it. Grandpa and the Peabody Aunts (Helen, Anne and Dorothy, Arla’s sisters) decided that Biss needed a change . Since Anne (Peabody) Stanley) was going to Florida with her children, it was decided that Biss would go with them. She was expected to help with the children and chores in the house, as well as continue her schooling. The letters exchanged between Biss and her Father can be found in the Category “St. Petersburg Adventure”. 

Christmas was approaching and Biss didn’t expect much. She knew Grandpa was covering school fees, books, clothing etc. for her. Her fifteenth birthday was also coming up on January 6th. Grandpa decided to really surprise her and take the entire family to St. Petersburg for the holiday. I believe the following picture was taken during that tripADG - Trip to St. Petersburg, FL with children - Christmas, 1934.

Back row: Ced, Dan, Lad, a school friend of Biss, Grandpa,

Front row: Don Stanley, Gwen Stanley, Biss with their dog, Dave


Tomorrow, another Special Picture.

Judy Guion

Special Picture # 343 – Lad, Dan and Ced in Mount Vernon, NY About 1918

APG - Lad and Dan - Larchmont, NY - June, 1918

Alfred Peabody Guion (Lad) and Daniel Beck Guion  circa 1918 at Larchmont Gardens, Mount Vernon, NY

CDG - Ced in playpen in Larchmont, NY

Cedric Duryee Guion with Lad in the background, probably taken the same day at Larchmont Gardens, Mount Vernon, NY circa 1918.

Tomorrow I will begin posting a week of letters written in October of 1939. Dan has returned home from Venezuela but Lad remains there, working for the Socony-Vacuum Oil Company (which eventually became part of Mobil) as a trouble shooter at their various oil camps out in the field.

Judy Guion 

The Island – Pictures and Stories – September, 2020

JAGGH - Spring Island in the evening - June, 201

The Island at dusk

While I was on the island last month I gave you a tour with a map and pictures.  My plan with this series was to add pictures of  other places that have not been featured very often on any of my island posts. Before I lost my Internet, due to a frozen Modem, I was able to send some of the pictures I took while I was there to my computer via email.  Now, when I send pictures from my phone as an email, they do not arrive in my inbox.

I have decided to put this project on hold until I can add the new pictures and new places that I want to share with you.

On Saturday and Sunday, I will continue with Dave’s World War II Army Adventures.  On Monday I will begin a week of letters written in 1939.  Lad is working for the Socony-Vacuum Oil Company in Venezuela.  Dan has written of his intentions to leave Venezuela at the end of May, hopefully after receiving the back pay that is owed.  Maybe we will have the answers next week.

Judy Guion

The Island – Pictures and Stories (2) – Pointed Rock – September, 2020

Spring Island - Path to Dock - 9.2020

Path down to the dock

Spring Island - Pointed Rock from the Dock - 9.2020

Pointed Rock from the dock

Spring Island - Pointed Rock (close-up) - 9.2020

Close-up of Pointed Rock

        We always called this “Pointed Rock”. You can tell the high water mark by the green algae on top. You may also notice that the bottom of the lake looks quite light in color. That is because the water – in this picture – is only about three feet deep and the bottom is covered with soft sand.
        When we were young (eight to about ten), this was an ideal place to go swimming. It also had the added bonus of fresh-water mussels which we used for fishing bait. I learned how to do a hand stand in the water here.
For the rest of the week I will  share Pictures and Stories of The Island.

Judy Guion

The Island – Pictures and Stories (1) – Slave Ring – September, 2020

I am back home now – actually had an extra day – and I had so many memories while I was there. I thought I would share them for this week. I hope you enjoy them.


These pictures are of a ring firmly attached to a rock on our family Island. I do not know the actual history of the ring but the story that I heard was that slaves or convicts were working not that far away and at night they were brought to the Island and chained to this rock. I was a pretty secure place for them to be at night because non of them knew how to swim. 

I need to do some research to see if I can find out the truth about this ring, but it is an interesting story.


Slave Ring, September, 2020


Slave Ring (close-up), September, 2020

I will be posting more pictures and stories when I have more time later today.

Judy Guion

The Island – A Special Tour (5) – September, 2020

My plan is to be up in New Hampshire on our Family Island this week. I have decided to share it with you  with a map and pictures. I hope you enjoy it as much as I will.


This picture was taken from the opposite side as yesterday’s picture. The Point is the cluster of rocks on the right and Bathtub Rock is on the left.



10 – The Sleeping Cabin

Prior to 1955, four families stayed in a 20 x 20 Army Tent, with each family occupying a corner. After the children ate lunch, we had “quiet time” while the adults were able to relax and eat their meal in peace. The Hurricane of 1955 passed by us and a strong wind raised a corner of the tent. About a dozen children ran screaming, out the front flap and ran to the Cook Cabin. The following winter, Lad and his friends met and drew up plans for a Sleeping Cabin. 

It would be 20 x 24 feet, comprising of four 10 x 10 bedrooms and a 4 foot dog trot down the middle with doors at each end. By designing the building with a 12/12 pitch roof, they were able to divide the upstairs, with a wall running above the dog trot, providing 2 sleeping areas for the girls. They also built a 10 x 12 platform where they erected a tent for the boys. 


Replacing the two window screens that were 64 years old with a window in October, 2019.


The finished project.


View of the window from Sunset Rock.


11 – Fire Pit

If you see this message, you will know that I was unable to find or transfer the pictures I wanted. I really had hoped to get this done but I need to get up to the Island before it is dark.


Tomorrow I will be continuing with more of Dave’s World War II Army Adventure.

Judy Guion