Ced’s Coming of Age Adventure (10) – Uncle Kenneth Peabody’s Farm in Star Prairie, Wisconsin – July 1934

The following pictures are of Uncle Kenneth’s farm (Arla’s Uncle, her father’s brother, Ced’s Great-uncle) in Star Prairie, Wisconsin. Ced traveled to the farm after his four days at the Chicago World’s Fair. I believe these pictures were taken when Ced and his older brother, Dan, were on their way to Alaska in 1940. The last one, showing Muriel as a young girl, was definitely taken at that time because she was only 7 months old when Ced made his first stop there. I don’t think things have changed much in the years since Ced’s first visit.

CDG - M.B.Peabody Cottage - 1934

MB Peabody’s Cottage

CDG - Paul - Uncle Kenneth Peabody's Bull, Star Prairie, Wisc. - 1934

Paul, Uncle Kenneth Peabody’s Bull

CDG - Stanley's Team - (son of Douglas Peabody) - 1934

Stanley’s Team (son of Douglas Peabody)

(Douglas is another of Arla’s Uncles)

CDG - Uncle Kenneth Peabody, Aunt Nora, Allan, Joyce and Muriel c. 1942

Allan, Uncle Kenneth, Joyce, Aunt Nora, 

Muriel in front

Tomorrow I’ll start a week of letters from 1945. Dan’s wedding is on everyone’s mind but it hasn’t happened yet.

Judy Guion

Friends – Martin and Flor Williams From Venezuela (2) – July, 1941

Martin and Flor Williams - Trumbull

Martin and Flor Williams visit Trumbull

And now that I have answered most of the points in your letter I will try to give you some of the news around here.

The Ensconatus have been moved to the Siegfus’s house pending move to Cantaura, where they will set up housekeeping again. The house has been given to the Poleo family (you remember him, the radio technician, no?). His wife is very pretty and very simpatica, and their baby girl (about six months) is the most darling thing you ever saw. Although naturally we miss the Ensconatus, I can’t say I’m not so pleased also with our new neighbors; they are very nice indeed. Anita Ensconatus was operated on for appendicitis on Tuesday the 15th, as far as we know to date, is doing nicely.

Frank Borgon, Andy, the Wardlaw’s, Bob Ross, Gutke, Howard and I can’t think who else right at the minute, have left. The Wardlaw’s and Bob will return, thank goodness. The Frost’s arrived and are temporarily installed in the Grubbs house (By the way, Grubbs left for good, and I can’t say I’m not glad). I believe the plan is for them to stay there until the company builds another small house on our row. How long this will take, however, is, well…., you know how those things are.

De la Torre is back from vacation, and Sanchez Martinez has therefore returned to Guario.

The Baiz’s will be terminated on August 5. Maruja came out before they knew about it, but in view of the fact that they will be leaving so soon, Emy has remained in Caracas. Socially I like them tremendously, especially Lucinda, but medically I think this move has been expected for a long time. They will be replaced by a Dr. Delfin Aroila, surgeon, who, I understand, has his own x-ray machine, etc. etc., and if things turn out as the company plans, he will perform operations locally, thus eliminating the necessity of sending everybody suffering from the slightest ailment to Caracas. Let’s hope he’s good.

The Baiz’s leaving will make a big gap in the social season, but then you can imagine that pretty well, can’t you?

John Sheldon, Mr. Sheldon’s oldest boy, is spending some time here in the field. He has been at Guario for about 2 1/2 weeks and I believe he came in here today, although I haven’t seen him yet. The 23rd of this month is his birthday and we have invited him over to dinner, as well as the Pet. Eng. with whom he has been working in Guario. Can you imagine Gruver at our table? Do you think the house, our dishes, and glassware and stand such a tornado? Let’s hope so.

And talking about birthdays and dinners, Claire has invited us over for dinner the 31st, and I think that’s very sweet of her.

Well, Al, something tells me I have taken up enough of your time; I can only hope that I have not bored you; that I haven’t forgotten any bit of news that might be of interest to you.

I believe Sieck will be leaving soon, for good. It’s too bad, he’s such a nice boy.

I don’t know if I mentioned in my last that there was a possibility of our going in September. Well, it’s very doubtful, but what we would like to do is the following. Martin has already ordered a car, with the specifications of the cars the company buys, so that we can travel over these roads safely, to be delivered to his father on August 25th. This can be done whether we go or not, but should we be able to get away, our plan would be to leave here August 29th, catch the clipper of the first of September to Miami, and have Martin’s father meet us there with the car. Do all our tropical shopping down south, visit the Williams’s who have moved to Florida, and then drive north. We would take you in, spent some time in Maine, and if possible go as far West as Minnesota to see the Wrights. This is so far a beautiful dream, after my conversation with Cosh not long ago when he was out here (for just a few hours, as usual) it would seem that it might not work. However, we can enjoy ourselves planning in the meantime, don’t you think?

Well, now I will sign off before you faint.

Give our very best to all who may be interested, and for yourself receive our very very best wishes for a happy future.

Martin and Flor

P.S. Frank Le Ray should have landed in La Guaria the 16th, according to the letter we received from him recently. Although we haven’t heard from Bishop on the subject, rumor has it that he was on the same boat as Frank. We hope so, that’s at least two of our good friends returned.

Since this picture was taken at the Trumbull House, my guess is that Martin and Flor were able to take the trip as planned, although I’m not sure of the date.

Tomorrow i’ll be posting letters from Biss to her Dad from St. Petersburg, Florida where she id staying with her Aunt and two cousins.

Judy Guion

Friends – From Trumbull and Venezuela – July, 1941

APG - Post card from Edna and Peggy Beebe - 1941

APG - Post card mesage from Edna and Peggy Beebe - July, 1941

This post card came addressed to Alfred Guion and family and reads:

Hello Aunt Betty, Mr. Guion, Laddie and Dave –

With four chattering females gathered around me I can’t think of much of a message – constructive or otherwise – We are having a good time, tho’.

Love – Edna and Peggy (Beebe)


Edna Beebe is third from the left wearing a plaid dress. Her sister Peggy was a good friend of Biss’s.


This is a short note, addressed to Al (Lad)  from a friend from Venezuela named Katherine Frost, I believe the wife of someone who worked with Lad at the Socony-Vacuum Oil Company.

New York City

July 2, 1941

Dear Al:

We’re finally back here after a glorious, if hectic, vacation – 8500 mile trip in three weeks. (We talked Socony into an extra week but then they held us in New York five days and then had us report back two days early.)

Enclosed is the film – for which thanks a million. I still think it a master shot.

We sail tomorrow noon. Drop us a line one of these days – and don’t fail to come back to Pariaguan one of these days.


Katherine Frost

I’ll complete the week with a letter from Grandpa to Dick (and Dan and Ced) and  another letter to Lad from friends in Venezuela. 

Judy Guion

An Island Picture – Storm Cloud – 2016

We had one day on the Island when it stormed a few times – just quick showers – but this is what they looked like before they got to us.


Spring Island - Storm Cloud - 2016

Tomorrow, and Sunday, two more installments of a Tribute to Arla. Enjoy learning more about this very wise young woman. 

Next week I’ll begin posting letters from 1942. The first is from Lad, with a change of plans. During the rest of the week, I’ll be posting 3 more letters from Grandpa to his sons, both near and far from home.

Judy Guion 

Life In Venezuela – 1939-1941

Grandpa’s next letter to his sons is a three-pager, so I decided not to post it this week but to save it. Instead, I’m posting pictures of Lad and Dan’s time in Venezuela. Enjoy.

Alfred (Lad) Peabody Guion

Alfred (Lad) Peabody Guion

Alfred Peabody Guion in Caracas @ 1939

Alfred Peabody Guion in Caracas @ 1939

Alfred Peabody Guion in Venezuela in 1939

Alfred Peabody Guion in Venezuela in 1939

Alfred Peabody Guion (Lad) in Venezuela

Alfred Peabody Guion (Lad) in Venezuela

Daniel Beck Guion in Venezuela

Daniel Beck Guion in Venezuela

Dan in Venezuela - 1938

Dan in Venezuela – 1939

Lad in Venezuela

Lad in Venezuela

Lad Guion and Jim Pierce in Camp in Venezuela

Lad Guion and Jim Pierce in Camp in Venezuela

Lad in Venezuela

Lad in Venezuela

Lad in Venezuela with his car

Lad in Venezuela with his car

Lad Guion - Pariaguan - 1940

Lad Guion – Pariaguan – 1940

Lad Guion in Pariaguan, Venezuela

Lad Guion in Pariaguan, Venezuela

Triaga Venado - Guario - April, 1940

Triaga Venado – Guario – April, 1940

Lad's Bureau and Desk

Lad’s Bureau and Desk

Cabins for Two 1 - Paul Dutton - Bob Jones 2 - Stanley Barnes - Frank Borgon 3 - Herb Hadley - Al Guion 4 - The Mess Hall

Cabins for Two
1 – Paul Dutton – Bob Jones
2 – Stanley Barnes – Frank Borgon
3 – Herb Hadley – Al Guion
4 – The Mess Hall

APG - Flor Wiliams with snakeskin - 1945

Some kind of BIG snake….

DBG - Dan in Venezuela with two peons - 1940

Dan Guion surveying in Venezuela with two helpers

APG - Pool at San Tome Camp, Venezuela, Lad on high dive

Lad Guion on the diving board

APG - Pool at San Tome Camp, Venezuela

The swimming hole at one of the camps

APG - Pool at San Tome Camp, Venezuela - sitting on the dock

The swimming hole at one of the camps

APG - Pool at San Tome Camp, Venezuela - floating Dock and High Dive

The swimming hole at one of the camps

Just a small glimpse of what life was like for Lad and Dan Guion while they worked in Venezuela.

Tomorrow, I’ll be posting more childhood memories about growing up in Trumbull during the 1920’s and 1930’s.

Judy Guion