Special Picture # 319 – Dan and Raymond Zabel, Jr., (Butch) – 1940


Tomorrow, another Special Picture.

On Monday, I’ll begin posting letters written in 1946. Both Lad and Dick are home in Trumbull with their wives, Ced remains working in Anchorage, Alaska, Dave is expecting to arrive home in a couple of months and Dan and Paulette await the arrival of their firstborn in France before returning to Trumbull.

Judy Guion


Special Picture # 318 – Dan in Venezuela with Some of His Surveying Crew – 1939


Tomorrow, I’ll begin a week of letters written in 1944. Lad and Marian are in Texas. Ced has been home but is traveling back to Anchorage, Alaska, hopefully with a stop in Texarkana to see Lad and Marian. Dan is quite busy in London, Dick is in Brazil and Dave seems happy with his new situation in Uncle Sam’s Army. Grandpa tries to keep the home fires burning.

Judy Guion 

Special Picture # 295 – Ced

This is a fairly new picture I have found of Ced at the Trumbull House.


Special Picture # 293 – Dave and Butch’s Baptism – June, 1940

This is an excerpt from a letter written to my father, Lad, while he was in Venezuela in June of 1940.

This morning I got up at nine and got the dinner started and then rushed up and got dressed for church, because this was the day Mr. Bollman had appointed for baptismal services, and not only was young grandson to be baptized along with three other babies, but our own David was also to receive the same sacrament along with Evelyn Hughes and Robert Shattuck. Your nephew was very good during the entire ceremony but celebrated by wetting himself afterwards while his father was holding him. They decided to leave on this account before the ceremony was over and stopped at MacKenzie’s drugstore on the way home because Zeke was thirsty. Baby evidently did not approve of this because he upset a glass of Coca-Cola and Mac, in his haste to mop up the spilling, upset another glass himself.

These pictures were all taken on the same day. Both Dave and Raymond, Jr. (Butch) were baptized on June 9, 1940

Grandpa, Dick, Ced, Biss, Zeke holding Raymond, Jr. (Butch) and Dan.

Biss and Raymond Jr. (Butch)

Dan holding Butch and Ced


Raymond, Jr. (Butch) and Dan on the side lawn


Special Picture # 291 – Christmas, 1939


Grandpa writes on the back – “Photo by Venezuelan Dan, Mack smells Dad’s rum, December 25, 1939”

Back – Dick, Grandpa, Ced and Dave               Front – Aunt Betty, Aunt Elsie

Grandpa writes on the back – “Sister Dick and others by photographer Ced, December 25, 1939”

Back – Grandpa, “sister” Dick, Dan        Front – Aunt Elsie, Aunt Betty, Dave

Smoky at the bottom


Special Picture # 290 – New York World’s Fair – 1939

A friend with Marian at the New York World’s Fair, New York City, 1939.


Special Picture # 285 – Mack – Interesting Poses – 1939 – 1940

I came across a couple of new pictures of Mack. Enjoy.

Note by Grandpa on back – Dec. 24, 1930, Mack’s “reserved seat”


Note by Grandpa on back – Snow Image by Dick and Boredom by Mack

March, 1940