World War II Army Adventure (124) – Dear Dad – March 15, 1946

Dave is getting closer and closer to his long anticipated trip back to Trumbull.  He has been in the service for two years and two months but it will be another two months before he actually enters the kitchen at the Old Homestead.

DPG - Dave in uniform

David Peabody Guion

March 15, 1946

Manila, P.I.

Rec’d 3/22

Dear Dad –

I’ve got three or four letters here that should be answered but it’s already one A.M. on the sixteenth so I’ll just bring you up-to-date on things at this end and write you a regular letter some other time.

Last Sunday I was relieved of duty – I’m no longer working.  My job now is to sit and wait for my boat to come in.  Had I written last night, I’d have told you that I expected to leave sometime next week.  But tonight I found out that present shipping facilities don’t call for a berth with my name on it.  So now all I can tell you is that I’m waiting and that I hope it won’t be for longer than a couple of weeks.  However, this is the Army.  I can console myself with the fact that at least I’ve been considered this time – at least I’m near the top of the pile at long last.

I’ve spent this week in vacationing.  Monday I went to Corregidor and saw utter and complete destruction.  Tuesday I went to Wah-Wah Dam where there had been a bitter battle (so help me I didn’t write “bitter battle” on purpose – but it is clever (even if I say so myself)).  The whole of Wednesday was spent on a bus and, after we hit the mountain road, a truck in a successful attempt to get to Bequin, the summer capital of the Philippines. Baquin is, or was, a most beautiful city some 200 miles north of Manila nestled in mountains and fir trees.  I used three blankets at night to keep warm.  After I get home I’ll tell you of a most unusual custom of the Iqorot natives up there.  They eat dogs for food – but I won’t go into detail about it until I get home.  I’m afraid you’d read this letter at the dinner table – and it isn’t the kind of story to be told after having just finished a juicy piece of meat.  I spent all day Thursday in Baquin and all day today coming back.

Ah-Ha ! here’s the end of the page and my letter.

My love to all,