Special Picture # 327 – Trumbull House – Then And Now – Beams in 1756 Portion of the House -1756 – 2018


When I use the title Then and Now, I am very literal for this post. These are pictures of the original beams in the portion of the house that was built in 1756. For much of that time, they were covered with a ceiling but are again exposed. Notice how they are put together – no nails were used and they are still solid. You can also see the marks left by the old hand tools used to shape them. 


Beams going into the kitchen area.


Beams in the Dining Room.


Beams going to front of the house and front door.


Tomorrow I’ll be posting another Guest Post from GPCox, pacificparatrooper.wordpress.com all about vehicle manufacturing during WWII.

Next week, it will be letters written in 1944 when all five boys were working for Uncle Sam, in vehicle maintenance, surveying, airplane maintenance, working with the locals in a foreign country or communication skills.

Judy Guion