World War II Army Adventure (34) – Belittling Army Organization – June 7, 1944





7 June 1944

Dear Dad – –

Enclosed is a piece of paper which is to be used as a sample for getting me a package of same.  If you can figure out what I mean – you’re a better man than I am.  I started the sentence without first constructing it in my mind – that is the result.  It’s for a T/Sgt. (?) friend of mine – he can’t get any down here.  When (if) I get home I’ll tell you all about him – and also a T/5 that I know.

I got a big kick out of a letter I just got from El (Eleanor Kintop, hid girl back home).  She was belittling Army Organization were not allowing me to come home for graduation.  At the time she wrote it – there was a letter in the mail for her from me saying that I would very likely be home.

Well got to get some chow in my stomach.



Tomorrow I will begin a week of letters written in 1939. Both Lad and Dan are still in Venezuela but Lad is no longer working for Inter-America. Dan is still working for Inter-America out in the field but is seriously thinking of heading home in the next few months. Grandpa is fed up with the treatment shown to his two sons and goes on the offensive, starting with letters to Venezuelan Government officials.

Judy Guion




World War II Army Adventure (28-1) – A Surrogate Court Form – May 21, 1944

Dave’s letter regarding an Emergency Furlough – May 21, 1944

21 May 1944

Dear Dad –

Yesterday I got a Surrogate Court Form “In the Matter of Proving the Last Will and Testament of Anna Westlin Peabody– etc.”.  You probably know all about them.

Upon reading this thing I thought it would present an excellent opportunity to get an emergency Furlough.  I’ve got a pal here who used to be a lawyer in Penn.  I asked him what he thought of it all – and he said he’d gotten fellows emergency Furloughs under identical circumstances.

This is the story.  The only trouble is that in order to put the deal across I’ll have to ask you to do something that isn’t exactly honest.  You see – If the Will is to be contested I should be there – besides – as I am a minor – somebody must represent me when the Will is read.  Now – if you can get a lawyer to write to “The Company Commander”, (It can’t be addressed any more thoroughly than this because I don’t know what company I’ll be in when the time comes to present it), stating that he requires my presence for an interview and proceedings to follow as to the contesting of the Will – or even just to have me there when he represents me at the reading of the Will – I can very likely get an emergency Furlough.

The personal point of view is this – I wanted very much to get home for graduation on the 23rd of June.  I won’t finish my training until June 21st. As it will take me at least 24 hours to get home – and besides – the chances are very, very slim that I’ll get Furlough right away at all – I couldn’t make it home – no matter what – under regular circumstances – in time for graduation.  But with this legal business – with a letter from a lawyer – I could apply for – and very likely get – an emergency Furlough.  I think it can be arranged for me to have a couple or three days cut off of my training so that I can leave here by June 20th – arrive sometime on the 22nd in ample time for graduation.  I’d suggest that it be stated that this lawyer who is to represent me – wants to talk to me before the proceedings on Monday – therefore, would require my presence by Friday the 23rd. And also that I remain throughout as much of the proceedings as possible.  (I’ll try to get 10 days plus traveling time– 14 days).

Tomorrow, I will post page 2 of this letter giving us more insight into Dave’s thoughts and feelings about the whole matter. 

Judy Guion