World War II Army Adventure (125) – Dear Gang – March 22, 1946

World War II Army Adveture (125) - March 22, 1946

March 22, 1946

Manila, P.I.

Rec’d 4/5/46

Dear Gang –

This is it! Well, it’s a start anyway.  Tomorrow I leave for the Pepple Depple (Army slang, People Depot, where the men start their journey to wherever they are going).  I should be on my way home within two weeks – possibly it will be only a few days.

I’d planned on getting some things as presents to bring home – but my time came to suddenly.  In fact I’m rushing right now.  So I’ll close this.  It may be my last ’til I get home – so –

Be seein’ ya,


Tomorrow I begin posting a week of letters written in 1944. As usual, Grandpa informs his sons (and daughter-in-law) of the latest gossip in Trumbull and includes quotes from letters written by  Dave and Marian.

Judy Guion