Special Picture # 275 – Arla Mary Peabody Guion and Richard Peabody Guion @ 1923

As with most families, there are many pictures taken of the first child, less of the second, still less of the third and by the time you get to the fifth or sixth child, there re very few early childhood photos. Such is the case with Elizabeth (Biss), Dick and Dave. Here is the only picture I have of Dick that does not include his siblings. 



Special Picture # 262 – Elizabeth Beck (Guion) Randol – My Great-Great-Aunt


This is a picture of Elizabeth Beck (Guion) Randol, sister to my great-grandfather, Alfred Beck Guion, father of Alfred Duryee Guion, or Grandpa. Elizabeth and Alfred were the most prolific of  the 11 children of The Rev. Elijah Guion and Clara Maria de los Delores Marina de Beck Guion. Each has at least 150 descendants.

Special Pictures # 248 – Marian Irwin in Orinda, California @ 1940

Marian (my Mom) wrote on the back of these pictures, “Marian Irwin, Orinda, CA, 1940?” This is the house she grew up and these were taken a couple of years before she met Lad (my Dad, Alfred Peabody Guion)


Tomorrow and the rest of the week, I’ll be posting letters written in 1943. Lad and Marian are getting serious, especially after Lad returns from a furlough in Trumbull and spends time with his girlfriend there.

Judy Guion