Special Picture # 366 Alfred Duryee and Elsie May Guion – circa 1895

Alfred Duryee and Elsie May Guion about 1895

                       Alfred Duryee Guion and Elsie May Guion about 1895

I believe this picture was taken in the mid-1890’s in front of the Lincoln Avenue House in Mount Vernon, NY. Grandpa had not lost his father yet and they hadn’t moved to the much smaller house on Dell Avenue. Notice the hats Grandpa and his sister, Elsie, are wearing. I believe they were wealthy at this time since his father worked on Wall Street as a Broker and the house was designed with various beautiful woods in each room.

Tomorrow I will begin posting a week of letters written near the end of 1945. The holidays are getting closer and the Trumbull House residents are looking forward to sharing them with family members.

Judy Guion


Special Picture # 190 – Grandpa with kids on front steps

Trumbull House - Grandpa and kids - 1928 (2) Steps and Landings, steps and landings - @1928

This is another picture preserved on a glass slide. It shows Grandpa, Alfred Duryee Guion, (back, left) with:

Front row- Don Stanley, David Peabody Guion, Elizabeth (Biss) Westlin Guion, Gwen Stanley. (The Stanleys are the children of Anne Peabody Stanley , Grandpa’s sister-in-law, and the only cousins they played with.

Second row: Richard (Dick) Peabody Guion, Cedric (Ced) Duryee Guion, Dorothy Peabody, Grandma Arla’s youngest sister.

Back row – Grandpa and Alfred (Lad) Peabody Guion.