The Island – Then and Now (2) – 1945 – 2021

Spring Island - Cook Cabin @ 1956

The tarp set up next to the Cook Cabin where the children ate their meal.

Spring Island - Lad with Pete Linsley at the Fire Pit

             Lad Guion and Pete Linsley at the firepit, the “new” Sleeping Cabin in the background in the late 1950’s

Spring Island - Water fun - Johnny Hayden, Roy Lenhard and  David Lenhard

Some of the boys using an original innertube and the board pulled behind the boat

Spring Island - Transportation @ 1960s - Utility Barge, rowboat (Lad)

The hand-made “Barge” built in Pete Linsley’s basement, and the rowboat converted into a sailboat

Spring Island - The kids (I'm the talest one in the back)

All the children after a Talent Show (I’m in the back row, third from the left, about 1958

Spring Island - Greg Guion, Nancy Hayden, Susie Linsley, Judy Guion @ 1960s - (Lad)

The older girls heading into town (I’m on the far right)

Spring Island - Path from Toothpaste Landing to Cook Cabin - 9.2020

The screened Porch added to the Cook Cabin where the Tarp was originally used

Spring Island - Sleeping cabin from roof of Cook Cabin - (Judy - 2013)

The Sleeping Cabin (I took this picture from the roof of the Cook Cabin on a Painting Party Weekend – my cousins and I painted both buildings

Spring Island - Old dock - possibly 40 years old (Judy - 2007)

The 40-year old dock (which replaced the original of the same design)

Spring Island - installation of new dock - (Judy - 2007)

The new dock being installed

After reading so much about the proposals for our Future Camp, I hope you enjoyed seeing the changes over the years. At this time I am on the Island, enjoying my last weekend for 2021. Very much looking forward to spending two full weeks there next year – which will include another Guion Family Reunion at another location on the lake.

Tomorrow, I will return to  letters written in 1939 when Lad was working for the Socony-Vacuum Oil Company (which became part of the Mobil Empire) and Trumbull is celebrating Thanksgiving.

Judy Guion

Special Picture # 153 – The Island – Cook Cabin Through the Years

I’m staying on the Island until July 14th, so I thought while I was away, I’d give you an idea of what it looks like and how it has changed over the 70 years it has been our Special Place.

Spring Island - Cook Cabin @ 1956

The Cook Cabin was originally a one-car garage, which my father (Lad) and his friends bought on the mainland and transported to the Island. Here it is with a tarp suspended over the picnic table where all meals were served.

Spring Island - Cook cabin open end @ 1950s (Lad)

Here, the garage door is open and propped up for an eating area. This was a Cub Scout Troop outing about 1956. The next step was enclosing this area with screens, which we used as a sitting area for many years. We continued to eat at a picnic table on the same side where the platform was built.

Spring Island - platform for Cook Cabin addition (Judy)

This is the platform that was built for an addition to the Cook Cabin, a planned enclosed porch/dining area.

Spring Island - Cook Cabin addition finished (Judy - 2011)

The addition took quite a few years, but here it is complete with screens.


Special Picture # 151 – The Island


I am going to be on The Island until July 13th so I thought I’d give you an idea of what it has been like over the 70 years we have owned it. My guess is this is the first picture taken on the Island once we had purchased it in 1945. It makes sense to me that Grandpa and the boys would have made a trip up there to think about and plan what they might do with it and on it.

ADG - Grandpa and the boys on Spring Island (cropped) - 1948

L to R – Lad, Dick, Ced and Grandpa. My guess is that Dan is taking the picture. Dan’s daughter just reminded me that in 1945 Dan was still in France so Dave must have taken the picture. Thanks, Arla.

Spring Island - from States Landing @ 1960s

This is the view of the Island from the beach where we park our cars. The anticipation is on the rise.

Spring Island - low water at the Point and Bathtub Rock