World War II Army Adventure (85) – Dear Folks – I’m Still Ignorant – March, 1945

David Peabody Guion

Dear Folks –

I’m still ignorant – no memory – don’t know where I’ve been – where I am – where I’m going – why or even the date.

On the boat I ran into a guy by the name of Robert Guion, formally from St. Louis and now from Iowa.  He’s a darned good egg.  I hung around with him on a lot of the time.  He’s a sailor and assigned to the ship.  I told him of your cousin who was writing the family history,  Dad, and he said his father has a lot of information on the Guion’s (Gee-on he pronounces it) in St. Louis.  It seems they owned quite a bit of St. Louis at one time.  His father’s present address is George Guion, Winterset, Iowa, R.R. 5.  It might be interesting to connect the two family histories if possible.  Bob says his father has a whole scrapbook full of stuff on his family.

The boat trip has given me more respect and love for the sea.  It’s really beautiful, storms and all.  Note – I didn’t get see-sick even though 3/4 of all on board were sick – including the crew.

There’s nothing I can write – so – –

Love –


Tomorrow another letter from Dave about his World War II Army Adventure. 

Judy Guion