Special Picture # 270 – Book of Common Prayer – 1877



This Book of Common Prayer, used in the Protestant Episcopal Church, was given to Grandpa’s Mother, Ella Duryee, at Christmas when she was twenty-seven, four years before she married Alfred Beck Guion, my great-grandfather. 



Tomorrow, I’ll begin posting a week of letters written in 1942. Dan has already been drafted and the other 3 older boys are all concerned about their own status in the draft. Grandpa and Dave are the only two Guions left in Trumbull.

Judy Guion


Special Picture # 268 – The Guion Place, Huguenot Street, New Rochelle, NY


This is an artist’s rendition of the Guion House in New Rochelle, New York. built and occupied by Louis Guion, Huguenot, in 1696.(Photo from The Descendants of Louis Guion, Huguenot,  A Guion Family History, compiled by J. Marshall Guion, IV, Edited by Violet H. Guion, Olean, New York, 14760, published in 1976. 


Special Picture # 262 – Elizabeth Beck (Guion) Randol – My Great-Great-Aunt


This is a picture of Elizabeth Beck (Guion) Randol, sister to my great-grandfather, Alfred Beck Guion, father of Alfred Duryee Guion, or Grandpa. Elizabeth and Alfred were the most prolific of  the 11 children of The Rev. Elijah Guion and Clara Maria de los Delores Marina de Beck Guion. Each has at least 150 descendants.

Special Pictures # 244 – P.B. Peabody Christmas card – 1928

For the next few weekends, I’ll be posting Special Pictures. These are photos that do not pertain directly to the letters I’m posting but are unique and interesting so I want to share them. Enjoy.

This home-made Christmas card comes from P.B. (Putnam Burton) Peabody, Arla Mary (Peabody) Guion’s Uncle.





Tomorrow I’ll begin posting letters written in 1945.Both Lad and Dick are home, Dan is in France – still in the Army – hoping to get out on points soon and waiting until Paulette and their unborn child can travel to Trumbull. Ced is in Alaska and Dave is in Manila, Philippines.

Judy Guion

Special Pictures # 241 – A Few of Grandpa’s Ancestors

For the next few weekends, I’ll be posting Special Pictures. These are photos that do not pertain directly to the letters I’m posting but are unique and interesting so I want to share them. Enjoy.

The following are pictures of Grandpa’s Grandparents, his parents and a picture of him at about one year old. These ancestors have very interesting lives, which I will be sharing in the future.

Clara Maria de los Dolores Marina (de Beck) Guion (Grandpa’s Grandmother)

The Reverend Elijah Guion (Grandpa’s Grandfather)

Ella (Duryee) Guion (Grandpa’s Mother)

Alfred Beck Guion (Grandpa’s Father)

Alfred Duryee Guion (at about 1 year old)

Tomorrow, another Special Picture. On Monday, a week of letters from 1943. Lad is anticipating his furlough and seeing Trumbull, and his family, again. Judy Guion

Trumbull (2) – Who is Sylvia? – Feb., 1941

 This is the second half of a letter addressed to Lad from Grandpa.

As to the reference to Sylvia. “Who is Sylvia?” You ask in the words of Olie Speaks song. Back last year sometime I wrote that I had a visit from my two cousins, daughters of my father’s sister (another child in the same family is my lame cousin Guion Kilbourne of whom you have probably heard me speak. His father was an Army surgeon who knew Gen. Custer), one of whom had married an English army officer and had spent many years in India. Her husband had died, leaving her with one child, a daughter just about your age, named Sylvia. They were staying with an old sweetheart of hers that she didn’t marry, who lived in Norwalk and had driven up to see me. Later I wrote that Sylvia’s mother had died very suddenly and Dick and Dave and I went to the funeral. Later I wrote that Sylvia had landed a job take care of too little English refugee children on a big estate on Long Island.

You are correct in assuming that it was Charlie Hall with whom Dick had gone riding. It was Dick who was driving when they sideswiped another car, doing about $5 worth of damage which Dick had to pay for.

Ted (Human) at present is working on some engineering work for the US government at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Helen wrote me a week or so ago that they have moved to Brooklyn.

The letter B instead of R as a prefix to letter 106 is just a bit of temperament exhibited by my typewriter. It gets cranky at times and although I clearly pressed the R key, in a contrary spirit it has at times made a B impression. You’ll have to overlook these little peccadilloes, whatever they are. It is a variety of the same disease that affects your machine on the ½ character.

Ethel Bushey

Ethel Bushey

Carl’s plans are up in the air again regarding his marriage plans (to Ethel Bushey). They had already decided to go through with their plans anyway and get hitched on February 22, and had made reservations on a boat sailing for Haiti a few days later. Early this week however Carl got a summons from the draft board telling him he would be called for duty and was to report on the 19th. If the second physical exam at that time passed him he would not return to Trumbull but would immediately go on to camp for training. He saw the local draft board head, who told him that if he had gotten in touch with him and informed him of the circumstances within five days after his first notice some weeks ago he might have been able to put Carl on the deferred list, in fact they considered him a borderline case anyway on account of his eyes and teeth, and that possibly the Dr. would reject him on the second exam on the 19th. Not to know definitely however until that time would make it very unwise for Carl to go through with his present marriage plans and he accordingly canceled his steamboat reservations. Today he tells me that

"The Good Times" - 1939 Arnold Gibson (Gibby), Charlie Kurtz and Carl Wayne The Red Horse Station

“The Good Times” – 1939
Arnold Gibson (Gibby), Charlie Kurtz and Carl Wayne
The Red Horse Station

three of the boys called for the 14th had been rejected and he is therefore to take the place of one of them and go up for his examination on the 14th. If he is accepted, he will not of course be married until later, if rejected he can be married but will have to wait two weeks for the next sailing on the cruise he wants to take. To complicate matters still further, his arrangement and lease with Kurtz expires in June, and he has just received word from the Socony people that they will finance him if Kurtz will sell the station. The whole thing is quite a mess. I will of course keep you posted as to developments.


On Saturday and Sunday, more Special Pictures.

Next week I’ll be posting letters from 1942. Dan has been in the Army for several months and Lad is expecting to get the call any day now.

Judy Guion

Friends – Lad’s Best Buddy – Gibby (Arnold Gibson) – Jan., 1941

The Roamer

Trumbull, Ct.

Jan. 30th, 1941

Dear Laddie,

Thanks for the birthday and Christmas letters which I certainly should have answered long ago. You see I hear the news from you

Lad in Venezuela

Lad in Venezuela

through your Dad, and I’m so damned careless that I don’t write myself. It seemed great to hear your _____ of Nomad and our good times together. I sure hope there will be more such trips.

As you must know Dick is to buy a car for Ced and Dan and drive it to Seattle. Alta and I were all set to tow our trailer out with it and go to Anchorage too (with the roamer). I could do that by June but Dick now must leave by March 1, so I’ll be $200 short and as I don’t know where I could borrow it, I’m afraid a great opportunity is lost, as jobs there won’t last forever. I may go alone and send for Alta and perhaps the trailer later. I even thought, as you expect to be home in the spring, you might like to drive Alta and Roamer to Seattle in the summer, at my expense of course. Or you might want to go to Alaska too.

Of course my dream and wish is that, if you are not returning to S.A. or not going for several months, you might like to go to Alaska with me in the summer or fall as we planned before you went to Venezuela. I think that this would be wonderful, and that you would enjoy traveling with us in the trailer, which is pretty nifty even after a marsh buggy. All this probably sounds wild to you, but I’m dead serious. You might let me know how crazy I sound to you.

Arnold Gibson

Arnold Gibson

Nomad is still going strong and my canoe is all rebuilt.

I understand your sufferings to uphold the white man’s prestige with women, women everywhere, but not a one to _____, or is there perhaps just one?

Please answer about Alaska,


Tomorrow, I’ll be posting a letter from A.D. Guion, Purchasing Agent, regarding the purchase of a 1937 Buick.

I’ll finish out the week with a letter to Lad, dated Feb. 2, 1941.

On Saturday and Sunday, I’ll be posting more Special Pictures. 

Judy Guion