Special Picture – Ella (Duryee) Guion And Elsie May Guion – Date Unknown

My 3rd cousin, Barbara, found this picture of my Grandmother, Ella (Duryee) Guion and her daughter, Elsie May Guion. There is no date but it appears as though they are travelling, perhaps by ship, to some unknown place.

DURYEE -Ella (Duryee) Guion ( Mrs. Alfred Beck Guion) and daughter Elsie May Guion travelling

Elsie May Guion and Ella (Duryee) Guion (Mrs. Alfred Beck Guion)

Tomorrow, I will begin posting letters written in 1940 when Lad is in Venezuela and Dan and Ced have been in Alaska for a couple of months.

Judy Guion


Special Pictures – Grandpa’s Childhood – 1900 – 1910

Here are some of the pictures taken by Alfred Duryee Guion  (Grandpa) during his young adulthood..

ADG - Grandpa's pictures of Dell Ave (3) side view of Dell Ave house

This is a picture of the Dell Avenue house he moved to with his sister, mother and Aunts, after the death of his father, Alfred Beck Guion, in 1899. I visited the house in 2004 and took pictures then.

ADG - Grandpa's pictures of Dell Ave (2) Front view of Dell Ave house

Front view of the Dell Avenue house.

ADG - Pictures of Spot and Elsie (2) Spot standing on hind legs

He trained his dog, Spot, to perform numerous tricks.

Untitled-3 6

front: Ella Duryee Guion, Elsie Guion; back: Alfred Duryee Guion, Aunt Mary or Aunt Lillian) and Aunt Elsie.

ADG - Elsie Duryee and Spot at the Dell Ave. house - @1903 

Grandpa’s sister, Elsie May Guion, with Spot.

ADG - Grandpa as a young man, outside in front of a treeAlfred Duryee Guion as a young man.

Blog - Alfred  Duryee Guion on couch - 1901

Alfred Duryee Guion, dressed for work at sixteen or seventeen.

ADG - Elsie Duryee with her bike @ 1905

Elsie May Guion and her bike.

Tomorrow, I will post letters written in 1944. All five of Grandpa’s sons are in the service of Uncle Sam.

Judy Guion

Special Pictures – Grandfather And Grandmother Irwin – Re-Post

I have just come across an envelope with pictures of my Mom’s parents and Grandfather. I am reposting this with the added pictures. I hope you enjoy them.

Mowry Addison Irwin is the only child  of Addison Mowry Irwin, who wrote the note to Carrie Snaman.

Irwin - Mowry Addison Irwin - 1914 - Sacramento, CA, CA

Mowry Addison Irwin, c. 1914

Irwin - Marian Edith Rider (26) - Wedding Picture - 1914

Marian Edith Irwin, Wedding Picture, c. 1914

 My Grandmother came to visit us in Trumbull shortly after my brother and I were born in 1946, and that was the only time she came. My Grandfather passed away before I was a year old. 

Marian Edith (Rider) Irwin and Mowry Addison Irwin, November 14, 1943

Mowry Addison Irwin and Marian Edith (Rider) Irwin, Marian Dunlap (Irwin) Guion and Alfred Peabody Guion November 14, 1943, my Dad and Mom’s wedding day, in her parent’s backyard in Orinda, CA

Marian Dunlap Irwin in satchel - 12.-.1915

Marian Dunlap Irwin, c. 1915

Irwin - Marian Dunlap and Homer Addison Irwin - C. 1918 - Msarysville, CA

Marian Dunlap Irwin and Homer Addison Irwin, c. 1918

The following is taken from a letter I received from my Mom’s sister, Margaret Edith (Irwin) Mitchell Sedberry, She told me it was from a death notice in a California newspaper dated May 10, 1947.

Mowry Addison Irwin was a prominent Civic  leader of Orinda, California. A resident of Berkeley for 10 years. Mr. Irwin and his family moved to Orinda seven years ago. He was President last year and a Director this year of the Orinda Association and was instrumental in helping to start the Orinda News, a community newspaper. He was employed by the Westinghouse Wholesale Sales Co.

Tomorrow I will begin a week of letters written in 1940. Lad is still in Venezuela and Dan and Ced have been in Anchorage, Alaska, for about a month.

Judy Guion

Special Pictures – Great-Grandfather And Great-Grandmother Irwin

This is a picture of Marian Dunlap (Irwin) Guion’s (my mother’s) Grandmother, Ellen Jane (Carrie) Dunlap Snaman. I have also included a note from Addison Mowry Irwin to Miss Snaman, asking for her company to a social event. He also asks her if he could see her some evening.  She must have agreed because they were married.

Irwin - Ellen Jane (Carrie) Dunlap (Snamen) Irwin

Ellen Jane (Carrie) Dunlap Snaman

Irwin - Note from Addison Mowry Irwin to Ellen Jane (Carrie) Snanen - 1886

City, Nov. 3, 1886

Miss Snaman:-

     Please excuse the liberty of my request; but would you oblige me by giving me your company for the next German. If not unpleasant I should also like very much to call if you will allow me, and inform me of an evening. Trusting you have recovered from the fatigue of Monday evening, and that I will hear favorably from you.

I remain,


A. M. Irwin

Room # 56

Lewis Block

City (Kansas City, Mo.

Tomorrow, I will begin posting a week of letters written in 1940. Lad remains in Venezuela and Dan and Ced are in Alaska.

Judy Guion

Special Pictures – Great-Grandpa and Great-Grandma Peabody

Continuing with pictures of my ancestors, these two are the parents of Arla Mary (Peabody) Guion, who married Alfred Peabody Guion, my Grandpa.


Peabody - Kemper Foster Peabody, circa 1928

Kemper Peabody, Grandma Arla’s Father

Grandma Peabody at her home  - cropped

Anna Charlotta (Westlin) Peabody, Grandma Arla’s Mother


Arla Mary Peabody and her father, Kemper Peabody c. 1911

Arla Mary Peabody and her father, Kemper Peabody, in 1911, just 2 years before she married Alfred Duryee Guion (Grandpa)

ADG - Arla Mary (Peabody) Guion and Alfred Duryee Guion on their honeymoon in Bermuda, 1913

Arla Mary (Peabody) Guion and Alfred Duryee Guion, on their honeymoon in Bermuda in 1913

Tomorrow, more Special Pictures.

Judy Guion

Special Pictures – My Father, My Mother, My Twin Brother And Me – 1946

Marian Irwin and Alfred Peabody Guion when the met in 1943. Lad was stationed at Santa Anita Army Ordnance Base, California.

Alfred Peabody Guion and Marian (Irwin) Guion on their wedding day, November 14, 1943

The birth announcement of their first children.

Douglas Alfred Guion and Judith Anne Guion, probably at about 5 months old.

Our First birthday party. Mom, Marian (Irwin) Guion, is on the far left. Doug and I really do not look very excited, do we? Notice the infant seats we are sitting in. They were much more like Indian Cradle Boards. 

Tomorrow, we move to 1943 and the actual beginning of this story. Lad has recently arrived at Santa Anita Ordnance Base in Santa Anita, California. His buddies, who left Aberdeen Proving Grounds at the same time Lad went to Flint, Michigan, for further training at the Wolverine Diesel Plant, had been there for a few weeks and had already met Marian. They kept telling her, “You really need to meet Al”. or “I can’t wait until you meet Al.” She knew all about Al (Lad to family and friends back home).

Judy Guion

Special Pictures – My Grandfather, Grandmother and my Father – 1914

Here are some Special Pictures of my Father, Alfred Peabody Guion, and his relatives, during his first year of life.

Alfred Peabody Guion at about 6 months old, in 1914.

ADG - Grandpa and Lad (seated)  - July 26, 1914

Alfred Duryee Guion and his first son, Alfred Peabody Guion, 1914

ADG and Arla with baby Lad and family - 1914

A family portrait, probably after the Christening of baby Alfred. His mother, Arla Mary (Peabody) Guion and father, Alfred Duryee Guion, are in the center, back row. My guess is that the other people in the picture are on the Duryee side of the family. I believe Grandpa’s Aunt Mary K (Duryee) is in the back row next to her husband, C. Preston Goldsmith. In the back row, on the right, is probably Aunt Lizzie, known to our family as Aunt Betty Duryee. In the front, Grandpa’s mother is probably the one holding baby Alfred. On either side of her are Ella and Lizzie’s other sisters, Florence and Lillian.

Tomorrow, more special pictures of my Father and Mother and their first born children.

Judy Guion

Special Pictures – My Great Grandfather, Great Grandmother and My Grandfather – mid – 1880’s

Pictures of immediate ancestors.

ADG - Alfred Beck Guion @ 1885Alfred Beck Guion –  circa 1882

Alfred Beck Guion was born on September 24, 1853, probable near New Orleans, Louisiana. He moved to New York City and became a Stock Broker on Wall Street. He died of a heart attack at the age of 45, on March 2, 1899.

ADG - Ella Duryee Guion @ 1885

Ella Duryee – circa 1882

Ella Duryee was born in New York City. Her Father and Uncles ran a Lumber business, importing rare and costly lumber from around the world. 

ADG - Alfred Duryee Guion at about 1 yr old in 1885

Alfred Duryee Guion (Grandpa) circa 1886

Alfred Duryee Guion (Grandpa) was born on September 11, 1884.

Tomorrow, some more Special Pictures of Alfred Duryee Guion (Grandpa) and Arla Mary Peabody (Grandma) on their honeymoon in Bermuda. They were married on March 27, 1913 in Mount Vernon, New York.

Judy Guion

Trumbull – Dear Elsie – Family History Concerning Our Grandmother – Clara Maria de los Delores Marina de Beck Guion (4) – July 8, 1940

This letter from Grandpa to his sister, Elsie May Guion, included news of the death and funeral of a close family friend which I will not include, and the very interesting Biography of their Grandmother, Clara Maria de los Delores Marina de Beck Guion. The story begins with Clara’s Grandmother, Juana Cadoret and will fill the entire week.

The page of the Journal where Clara’s marriage to Elijah Guion

A sketch of the marriage Certificate and a Bible

She (Josephine de Beck) was a wealthy woman and henceforth her life, as well as her mother’s (Juana Cadoret), was devoted to her two children. Their home was furnished with every luxury and the children were surrounded with all the evidence of wealth and refinement. Mme. Cadoret was already of great culture and dignity and her influence upon her grandchildren was not small.

When little Clara was five years of age she fell one day while playing, and fractured one of the bones in her ankle. Before she had recovered she was seized with the measles and all of the humor of the disease seemed to center itself in the wounded ankle. For seven years the child was entirely unable to walk. The wound was treated most severely causing her, at many times, great agony. She was strapped to a cot while the wound was burned with caustic until, at last, a hole was formed which reached through the bone, but all treatment was unavailing and the physicians told her mother that amputation was all that was left.

To this, Mme. de Beck would not consent, and when a trip to America was suggested, she seized the idea at once and brought the child to the United States where, in about a year, she recovered the use of her foot. During all this time her education had not been neglected. She was taught with great care and was lifted from her sofa to the piano stool to practice when her health would permit.

A lawsuit had been pending when Mme. de Beck left Cuba. This was decided against her and she lost her wealth. She had been boarding in the school where Clara was a pupil, and the latter now gave lessons in the school to support herself and her mother.

After some time had elapsed she met a gentleman,  and an attachment was formed. Her mother forbade the engagement without giving a reason. Clara, while acceding to her mother’s wishes, could not remain with her.

The page in the Journal where Clara’s marriage is recorded

A sketch of the Marriage Certificate and a Bible

She (Clara) offered herself as a teacher in a large school, was accepted and arrangements were made for her to enter upon her duties at once. The principal promised to send his secretary, Mr. Elijah Guion (my great-grandfather)  to escort her to the school. Claira then told her mother of her plans and although her mother entreated her to withdraw from the agreement, it was too late. At the appointed time she was met by Mr. Guion, escorted to the school and there she began her work. In the course of time Mr. Guion won her consent to accompany him upon the journey through life and on January 2, 1840 they were married in New York.

Tomorrow, the final portion of this journal, which has recorded some of the major life events of three fascinating and courageous women.

Judy Guion

Trumbull – Dear Elsie – Family History Concerning Our Grandmother – Clara Maria de los Delores Marina de Beck Guion (2) – July 8, 1940

This letter from Grandpa to his sister, Elsie May Guion, included news of the death and funeral of a close family friend which I will not include, and the very interesting Biography of their Grandmother, Clara Maria de los Delores Marina de Beck Guion. The story begins with Clara’s Grandmother, Juana Cadoret and will fill the entire week.

Her three sons had been sent to England before their father’s arrest, to be educated. Lorenzo, the eldest, was studying for the Ministry in the Church of England. Francis began the study of medecine, but the sight of blood always caused him to faint, and he was obliged to give up his studies.

A ship was bought, named by the new owners “Les Trois Soeurs”, and placed in the charge of a friendly captain. The vessel narrowly escaped being seized by the government, but the six children succeeded in reaching it with the governess without being detected. The vessel at once left port and the unfortunate family had soon bid adieu forever to their native land.

Sketch of the Island in the Journal

The voyage was begun in time for them to reach Cuba in the fall before the yellow fever should begin. They were delayed, however, by contrary winds, and when about three leagues from the island of Las Noevitas, in the old Bahama Channel, they met stormy weather. The passengers awoke one morning to find the vessel on one side. A strong wind from the Gulfstream arose every day and there was every prospect that the vessel would capsize. The passengers took their clothing and jewels, and were placed in a small boat, with biscuits and water, and rowed to the island. It was inhabited only by wild animals, to avoid which they climbed the trees. They hoisted a flag of distress, and on the morning of the third day, discovered a sail. They experienced great anxiety lest their signal should not be seen, but it was noticed and the vessel came to their rescue. She proved to be an American ship from New York, bound for Cuba. The captain –Hicks – treated them with Christian kindness, set a sumptuous table for them, and landed them safely in Cuba where Juana Cadoret gladly welcomed her children whom she had given up for lost. The voyage had taken six months and they had arrived in the midst of the dreaded yellow fever season.

The mother at once sent them with their governess to Philadelphia where the girls were placed in a boarding school on Chestnut Street. A week after their arrival, Frederick, the youngest son, was assassinated in the street, being mistaken for someone else. The two oldest girls, with their governess, disliked the climate and were dissatisfied and unhappy, and at the end of six months the whole family, with the exception of Josephine, returned to Cuba. They scarcely landed before the governess and the two young men, the older of whom was about 24, died of yellow fever. The sisters were smitten with the fever, but recovered. Afterwards, Katrine married Mons. Noel ______, a French physician, who died leaving her two children, Hypolyte who followed in his father’s profession, and Roseline.

Jane (Jeanne) married a Spanish gentleman, who rendered her life miserable because of his mad jealousy of her beauty. At the end of four or five years he was obliged to be away from his wife for a few hours, and having finished his business, started for home, in spite of a furious storm, so fearful was he to leave his wife alone. When but a few miles from his home he was struck by lightning and killed. His rider less horse reached home and a search was made for his master, whose lifeless body was discovered on the ground.

Tomorrow and for the rest of the week, I will continue the story of three remarkable women, my Great Grandmother, Clara Maria de los Delores Marina de Beck Guion, her Mother, Josephine (Cadoret) de Beck and her Grandmother, Juana Cadoret.

Judy Guion