Trumbull – Motoring and a Prediction – Oct., 1943

This is the second half of a letter written by Grandpa to his four sons, scattered all over in the service of Uncle Sam. Lad is a vehicle maintenance trainer in California and just got engaged to Marian,  my Mom, Dan is a surveyor in England, Ced is airplane mechanic and bush pilot in Alaska and Dick is an MP in Brazil and also helps with communications with the locals.

Book of the week, page 2               10/10/43

DEAN OF TRUNBULL EMULATES KAISER:     Ye shades of doom! If the Kaiser can be a wood chopper in his exile, why can’t old Pop Guion, when exiled by his own sons, chop up firewood against the coming fuel shortage? No sooner said than done. So, with my regular wood choppers chopping hunks out of Nazis and other vermin, I ups and tackles the old apple tree which blew down last winter. That was my good deed for this week. Next on the program is taking down screens and getting storm windows ready to erect. Who says I don’t miss the gang?

MOTORING ITEM:     Young David, just turned 18, has now turned to motoring and has a yen to run Dan’s Chevrolet. He had some of his buddies put

Dave  Guion

Dave Guion

it through its paces yesterday and found that outside of a battery, busted taillight and a weak starter, there seems to be little the matter. A car in running condition is a better perspective sale than one that lays out in the backyard with tires deflated, etc., so, irrespective of the fact that this plays right into Dave’s hand, if Dan consents, Dave will register the car, and I will expand what funds are necessary to put it into driving condition, with the idea that anything so spent will pay dividends when the car is sold. Of course Dan, if there is any reason why you prefer not to have Dave use the car, that is something else again. I will say, however, that none of you boys at his age drove any more carefully or with better judgment than he does.

PREDIUCTION:     This is where we outrival Drew Pearson, Walter Winchell and other prognosticators, who either have not thought so far ahead or have not dared put it into print. A Reuter’s dispatch from Zürich states the Germans ”plan to remove the Pope to a North Italian town offering greater security should Rome be in danger of capture by the Allies.” This decision was said to have been taken on the grounds that the Germans had assumed responsibility for protecting the Pope and could not allow him to be endangered by street fighting. Good, kind, thoughtful Nazis. I predict: that desperate Hitler has an ace card in the person of the Pope, that he will remove him to Germany with perhaps all the Cardinals, and when the Allies demand the head of Hitler, that wily paper hanger will reply: “Full pardon for me and Mussy or the Pope and Cardinals go to the block”. When I was a boy, Theodore Roosevelt sent a message to a Barbary pirate chieftain who had captured an American citizen: “Pericardis alive, or Rasuli dead.” And what a poser this question would pose for Roosevelt and Churchill to decide. You may be sure Adolph is not overlooking the possibilities. Talk about political dynamite. This is truly “high explosive”.

SOCIAL NOTES:     A week ago Saturday, Carl Wayne, while at Norfork, visited the Chandlers at Westminster. He is scheduled for his first trip in about three weeks time and after that has a chance to be made 3rd Assistant Engineer. Ethel says he is still using his selling ability, having contracted to do the men’s washing. He then got friendly with the cook and uses the galley to dry the clothes, of course charging extra for this. David Chandler is going to Prep School in Washington. Carol Elizabeth is three months old and is living with her mother when her father isdoing washing for Uncle Sam, at the Bushy residents, with Papa and Mama bushy and Daniels Farm Road.

The Editor says it is time to close the forms and go to press. Letters to the editor are always appreciated. Don’t let your subscription expire.


Tomorrow, we’ll read a quick note from Babe, Lad’s former girlfriend and on Friday, we’ll hear from Marian’s parents concerning the engagement.

Judy Guion


7 thoughts on “Trumbull – Motoring and a Prediction – Oct., 1943

  1. Mrs. P says:

    Love his sense of humor!

    • jaggh53163 says:

      Mrs. P. – He used wit and puns quite a bit also. He loved the English language. Dragon has problems with quite a few of his words – they just aren’t in today’s vocabulary !!!

  2. gpcox says:

    Grandpa has such unique ways of starting his letters – what a hoot!!

    • jaggh53163 says:

      gpcox – He and Ced had a running battle over who could out-d0 the other in salutations. Grandpa mentions this a couple of times in his letters and I truly wish I had copies of Ced’s letters.No one seems to have them.

      • jaggh53163 says:

        gpcox – Here are a few of his better ones – written in 1943:
        Fair Blossoms of my Fading Years,
        Dear Decorations,
        Dear Kith (We won’t bother with the Kin tonight),
        To my dear little Easter Bunnies,
        Dear 313224665 (Birthday letter to Dock)
        To the Guion Horticultural Experiment Stations in various parts of the world.
        I bet he had fun because as any good advertising man knows: “The first line has to GRAB your reader.”

  3. Gallivanta says:

    “letters to the editor”……that’s a good one!

    • jaggh53163 says:

      Gallivanta – That’s just Grandpa being his usual, creative, advertising man brain. In one memorable letter, he actually composed the front page of Trumbull Sunday Clarion, (posted April 7, 2013), like a newspaper, with a masthead and everything else. He loved to mix it up.

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