Ced’s Coming of Age Adventure – The 1934 Chicago World’s Fair (5-a)

A dear friend,  I met through this blog, known to bloggers as “Mrs. P.”, found a fantastic clip of The Chicago World’s Fair. My original intent was to include Ced’s comments on things that are mentioned in the video but I have found so much information and memorabilia regarding these locations that I’m going to present them in chunks. I have no idea what he saw on what day but I think he was there for three days and probably saw them in random order, depending on what caught his eye.It will take a few weeks to get through the material but I think it might be an interesting contrast to more recent World Fairs. I went to the World’s Fair in New York when I was a teenager and the architecture alone is unique, Enjoy.

Here is the World’s Fair clip:


This is the cover of a packet of 20 postcards Ced mailed to the family. The introduction states that it is the 1933 Chicago World’s Fair but the Fair actually ran for two years, 1933-34. Changes were made but I have no idea what they were.

CDG - 1934 Chicago Fair Postcard  booklet Cover

CDG - 1934 Chicago Fair Postcard - The 1933 World's Fair

CDG - 1934 Chicago Fair Postcard - The Federal Building and Hall of States

“Saw this – no Conn.”

CDG - 1934 Chicago Fair Postcard - The Hall of Religion

“Went in here but did not stay long.”

CDG - 1934 Chicago Fair Postcard - The Chrysler Motors Building“I saw this and rode aroun track in a Chrysler air-flow 8 – also in a Dodge 6 – saw them use death pit and 45 degree ramp. ________ car turned over on purpose here going 50, driver unhurt.”

CDG - 1934 Chicago Fair Postcard - The Great Court of the Hall of Science

“Saw this.”

CDG - 1934 Chicago Fair Postcard - The Ukrainian Pavillion

no comment

I’ll continue to post pictures and comments for the next few weeks, as long as it takes.

Tomorrow, I’ll begin posting letters written in the spring of 1941 when Lad is expectimg to come home in June and Dick is planning on driving to Alaska to deliver a car and visit with his older brothers.

Judy Hardy


8 thoughts on “Ced’s Coming of Age Adventure – The 1934 Chicago World’s Fair (5-a)

  1. Gallivanta says:

    22 million visitors; wow. I wonder how many hitch-hiked to the Fair like Ced did.

    • jaggh53163 says:

      Gallivanta – It also makes me wonder how many young people came to the fair to work and experience this Century of Progress International Exhibition !!! It was so successful to the economy that it was decided to open it from May to October during the second year. :)

  2. Mrs. P says:

    I knew Ced would have gone to the auto show! Great to see his post card on it!

  3. weggieboy says:

    My mother and two other female friends took the train from Nebraska to Chicago to see this fair. Sally Rand made her debut here, and Mom said she and her friends visited that “exhibition”! Ha! Looking back at this trip when she was a mother of four and a lot older, she said she couldn’t believe her mother and father or the parents of the other girls let them take this trip unescorted and to a city still known for organized crime!

    • jaggh53163 says:

      weggieboy – I am amazed that my Grandpa let a 16 year old boy hitchhike to Chicago and beyond…. then I remember it was a very different world back then. A sad commentary of where we are going now !!!

  4. gpcox says:

    Wow! Fantastic history from the fair, Judy – excellent.

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