Trumbull – Too Hot To Write (1) – July, 1940

Blog - Big work truck - 1940Trumbull, Conn.

July 28, 1940


Dear Lad:

Was glad to get your letter this week, even though it was only a short one to let me know you are on the job.

I am sending the last letter I got from Ced a week or so ago, and one just received from Dan, which may be more satisfactory than trying to rehash what they say. Please return them in the next letter you send after receiving this.

This week I also received a letter from Aunt Betty in which she asks if she can come up about August 10th and spend a few weeks here. Of course you know what I wrote her.

Aunt Anne writes that her stay in the hospital has done her a lot of good and the ulcers show much improvement. She still has to be on a very strict diet, but may soon leave the hospital and go to some lodge or boarding house for a while. What her plans are after that, if she has made any, I do not know.

Don (Stanley, Anne’s son) is still with us. Last week, he and Dave washed my bathroom walls and ceiling and some of the windows, besides cutting the grass. Mr. Burr tells me he can arrange for a power saw he can borrow from a friend and if I will pay for the gas and transportation he will cut up the trees Dan and Ced cut down and sawed into lengths which are piled up near the driveway outside the barn door.

Elizabeth informs me that probably in January sometime I may be a second grandpa.

Yesterday afternoon Dave accompanied Zeke on a fishing trip to the reservoir and rowed his boat for him. Zeke caught two small pickerel and Dave, a full-grown healthy sunburn.

Oh, yes, I splurged yesterday to the extent of $2.39 and bought me a new slipcover to the chair in the den, the present one being fast-going to qualify for the ragbag. It is not a flower pattern cretonne like the last but more of a rust colored plain knitted cloth. It looks quite nice, so we all think.

I forgot in part one, to tell Ced and Dan that I have paid their car taxes for the year (which they won’t have to pay next year) and had Ced’s suits cleaned and put in a moth proof back.

Have you sent on that second bunch of negatives yet? The others were so long en route that if I don’t get the second batch off pretty soon, you may be arriving home before they do.

I fear this week’s letter is not very exciting, but at least it will keep up the weekly schedule.

It’s too hot to write anyway.



2 thoughts on “Trumbull – Too Hot To Write (1) – July, 1940

  1. jaggh53163 says:

    Gallivanta – Yea, but BIG points with his brother-in-law !!!

  2. Gallivanta says:

    a full-grown healthy sunburn….ouch!

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