Special Picture # 334 – Trumbull House – Then and Now – Living Room Door – 1947 – 2018

Recently I spent a night in the Trumbull House visiting with Paulette – Aunt Chiche to family and friends – and took quite a few pictures. For the next few Saturdays I will be posting pictures taken during this stay as well as older pictures of similar places taken over the years, when I have them. I hope you enjoy.

Living Room Door – 2018


Marian feeding Douglas near door in original Dining Room – Christmas, 1947

Tomorrow, My Ancestors – Anna Charlotta (Westlin) Pebody, wife of Kemper Foster Pebody.

Next week I’ll begin posting letters written in 1946. Both Lad and Dick are at home in Trumbull with their wives, Ced is still in Alaska, Dan and Paulette await the arrival of their bundle of joy and Dave expects to start his homeward journey soon. Grandpa can’t wait.

Judy Guion




2 thoughts on “Special Picture # 334 – Trumbull House – Then and Now – Living Room Door – 1947 – 2018

  1. There was a graciousness about sitting and dining as a family that has become threatened with extinction by families preferring to sit with lap-meals in front of the television – or worse – bringing their mobiles to the meal with them.

    • Judy Guion says:

      Maureen – One of the biggest challenges are sports participation – late practices and home and away games that encroach or eliminate the dinner hour. Not many families sit down for dinner during the week and weekends are loosing ground also. This helps create a total disconnect. A sad commentary on American family life.

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