Venezuelan Adventure (18)- Lighting the Fire (2) – April 3, 1939

My grandfather is fed up with the way his sons are being treated in Venezuela so he’s decided to do something about it. He shoots off a barrage of letters to  government officials in Venezuela to light a fire under someone.


Daniel Beck Guion and two peons working in Venezuela

April 3, 1939

To the Honorable Luis G. Pietri

Minister of the Interior

Caracas, Venezuela

Hon. Sir:

May I ask your indulgence in what may seem to be merely a personal matter?

My only excuse for so doing lies in the fact that Inter-America, Inc. is apparently insolvent, and that being the case, as they have secured an exemption from making the customary deposit, their American employees are apparently left stranded in the interior of Venezuela without means of support.

May I sight my son as an example of the conditions applying to other employees of Inter-America, Inc., now engaged in road survey work somewhere between Carora and Lake Maracaibo.

Daniel B Guion entered the employ of Inter-America, Inc. on October 21, 1938. His contract called for a monthly salary plus all expenses. Up to March 31, 1939, a lapse of 5 1/3 months, he has been paid nothing.

I am informed that the labor laws of Venezuela are exceptionally fine and are rigidly enforced, and that your government would not knowingly permit them to be disregarded as they apparently have in this instance.

May I therefore ask for your investigation into the affairs of this company? Your interest will be greatly appreciated.

Very sincerely yours,

Alfred D. Guion


Tomorrow and Friday I will be posting the other letters grandpa mailed to Venezuelan government officials. 

Judy Guion


2 thoughts on “Venezuelan Adventure (18)- Lighting the Fire (2) – April 3, 1939

  1. Teacher Camille says:

    How nostalgic that photo is! Thank you for sharing, am definitely looking forward to more of your posts. Wishing us a lovely week! <3

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