Peabodys and Duryees – Christmas Greetings to Ced – December 18, 1944

This week I will post the last note and letter from 1944.

CDG - Envelope from Christmas Card from Helen Human (front) - Dec., 1944

CDG - Envelope from Christmas card from Helen human (back) - Dec., 1944

CDG - Christmas card from Helen Human (front), Dec., 1944

CDG - Christmas card message from Helen Human (inside) - Dec., 1944

CDG - Christmas card from Helen Human (back) - Dec., 1944


Dear Cedric  —

Indirectly we’ve heard from you several times since we saw you last Christmas time. We always enjoy those carbons your dad sends out.

No one is no more as much surprised as we are to still be here. Ted expected to be in Bolivia weeks and weeks ago.

When are we going to see you again. Love from all of us.

Aunt Helen and Uncle Ted

Our best to Rusty too.

And Dear Cedric  —

I just don’t know where my good intentions go! Every time one of dad’s long “round-Robins” arrives, I say to myself, “I must write Cedric and Lad and Dave and Dick. And the first thing I know another letter has arrived from dad and I am saying the whole thing again ! I never even thanked you for bringing down that wonderful load of wood last winter – and we did enjoy it so much!

Right now I am getting ready for a trip to Los Angeles! I am just as surprised as you are! It was all very unexpected and I am still trying to catch my heart. After I get there I’ll write you a real letter. In the meantime all my love – Aunt Dorothy

Tomorrow and for the rest of the week, a letter from Grandpa to his boys which includes greetings from various family members. This will wrap up 1944  and in three weeks, when we get to this consecutive time frame, I will begin letters from 1945.

Judy Guion


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