Friends – Dear Laddie – All the Local Dirt – March 5, 1940

This is a letter from (I believe) Ethel Bushey, one of “The Gang” from the Trumbull House, who was Bissie’s best friend and married Carl Wayne.

APG - Lad on Hotel porch in Caracas (2)

Alfred Peabody Guion (Lad) in Caracas, Venezuela

March 5, 1940

Hello Laddie –

What a surprise to receive a letter from you, especially when you remembered my birthday. I meant to answer long ago but things seem to happen just when I plan to write. Carl (Wayne) is now in Florida with Ebb Joy. They took Carl’s car, a new Ford, and Ebb’s trailer. I am now a lonesome widow. Of course I get around, you know how it is.

EWGZ - Bissie and Raymond Jr. (Butch) at baptism - June, 1940

Biss and her son, Raymond Zabel, Jr., known as Butch to the family

You should see your lovely nephew. He is wonderful! The best baby in the world. I love him.

The weather has been very nasty here between snow and hail. Just yesterday we had a hailstorm and we have no heat, lights, or water. The furnace is run by electricity, too. Damn the modern conveniences (sometimes).

Wish you would come back before I get so fat you won’t know me.

Anything I write now will probably be old news.

Rusty (Heurlin) is staying with your Dad at present and last night he was playing the guitar and we all sat around and sang.

Dad has a new car. This year’s model is a beauty.

I’m writing this in the office so please excuse the pencil.

Have you found any girls that you like? Bet you miss parking off the Merritt Parkway, or don’t you? I often think of you when we go by that certain place. Never have I thought of anybody but you driving the Packard.


            Arnold Gibson


Were you surprised to hear of Arnold and Alta’s engagement? I was flabbergasted. Did you think he was serious with her? Remember the first night he took her out? New Year’s Eve and we were at my house, with Doris and George Porter. Doris’s little girl is quite a young lady now. She is walking and also talking. Won’t be long before Bissie’s will be doing the same. Helen and Bill have a very nice little home and seemed very happy.

Bill and Carl want to buy a 27 foot sailboat for this summer, Helen doesn’t approve but I guess he is going to do it anyway.

Arnold and Alta bought a $950 trailer to live in. Arnold says he isn’t going to pay anybody rent.

Have you been writing to Babe? (Cecelia Mullins, Lad’s girlfriend) If you have, then you probably know she has a 1940 Ford. Someday Ethel will have a car too. (I hope)

Remember Ann Holt? She is married and expecting in April. Guess I told you about all the marriages, births etc. Just thought of two more, J Kurtz has a son and Dan Wells’ wife is expecting again. How’s that for all the dirt in town.

Now, how about you? What are you doing and who do you go out with and when will you ever be back, etc. etc. etc.

Wish that I could have enough time off so I could come down and visit with you. I hope Lad, that everything I’ve written isn’t old news to you. It won’t be very interesting if it is. Please don’t wait as long as I did to answer and I promise faithfully I’ll write a nice long letter next time. In the meantime be good and write soon, I’ll be waiting.


Ethel Bushey

                           Ethel Bushey


P.S. Any pictures of you? Send one please.

I never reread a letter so excuse the errors.

I meant to address this last night but we still had no lights so went to visit Bissie. Lad, I do wish you could see the baby or just hold him for a minute, he is just perfect.

Rusty played some more and Bissie and I sang. Later Rusty walked home with me and we had quite a nice talk. He is leaving today for New York or Philadelphia.

Carl Wayne

               Carl Wayne

I’m just counting the days for Carl’s return. I’m beginning to miss him now. Don’t you miss any of us? You never say in any of your letters anything about being lonesome.

Last night the fireplace was going and I thought of the nights I spent in there with you. We had fun, didn’t we? Remember the night I got sick on the beer and Bissie accused you the next morning?

There are so many things I would like to tell you but don’t know whether or not they would interest you.

This summer two very nice boys, Richard Bylandt and Paul Brolin, rented Friend’s Lodge for the summer and we had wonderful times with them. Paul’s people have oodles of money and he is a Cornell man. He worked for six years after graduating and this summer he and Richard gave up work to live for one year doing just as they please. I know you would like them.

Carl has a diving helmet. He took it to Florida with him. In his letter he said he went down for some coral and sponge. He really has the craziest hobbies.

Think I will finally end this letter and look for your address. I hope it is the same.



For the rest of the week, I will be posting a letter written by Grandpa to Lad in Venezuela. He also enclosed a Round-Robin letter written by members of “The Gang” who are visiting on Sunday Evening’s Weekly Open House.

Judy Guion


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