Friends – Alaskan Possibilities – Jan., 1941

The Roamer

Trumbull, Ct.

Jan. 30th, 1941

Dear Laddie,

Thanks for the birthday and Christmas letters which I certainly should have answered long ago. You see I hear the news from you

Lad in Venezuela

Lad in Venezuela

through your Dad, and I’m so damned careless that I don’t write myself. It seemed great to hear your _____ of Nomad and our good times together. I sure hope there will be more such trips.

As you must know Dick is to buy a car for Ced and Dan and drive it to Seattle. Alta and I were all set to tow our trailer out with it and go to Anchorage too (with the roamer). I could do that by June but Dick now must leave by March 1, so I’ll be $200 short and as I don’t know where I could borrow it, I’m afraid a great opportunity is lost, as jobs there won’t last forever. I may go alone and send for Alta and perhaps the trailer later. I even thought, as you expect to be home in the spring, you might like to drive Alta and Roamer to Seattle in the summer, at my expense of course. Or you might want to go to Alaska too.

Of course my dream and wish is that, if you are not returning to S.A. or not going for several months, you might like to go to Alaska with me in the summer or fall as we planned before you went to Venezuela. I think that this would be wonderful, and that you would enjoy traveling with us in the trailer, which is pretty nifty even after a marsh buggy. All this probably sounds wild to you, but I’m dead serious. You might let me know how crazy I sound to you.

Arnold Gibson

Arnold Gibson

Nomad is still going strong and my canoe is all rebuilt.

I understand your sufferings to uphold the white man’s prestige with women, women everywhere, but not a one to _____, or is there perhaps just one?

Please answer about Alaska,



Tomorrow, I’ll be posting a letter from A.D. Guion, Purchasing Agent, regarding the purchase of a 1937 Buick.

I’ll finish out the week with long letters to Lad, and Dan and Ced, all dated Feb. 2, 1941.

On Saturday, We’ll go back to the Autobiography of Alfred D. Guion and I hope to start Ced’s trip to Chicago and the upper mid-west in his search to find his mother’s family. If I don’t get the material organized, I’ll do another picture gallery.

Judy Guion


6 thoughts on “Friends – Alaskan Possibilities – Jan., 1941

  1. Mrs. P says:

    He’s still trying to hook up with Lad…wonder if he ever does?

  2. Another great best friend letter. I’m a little confused as to the “roamer” reference.

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