Trumbull (2) – New Buildings in Bridgeport and Dave’s Grades – Nov., 1940

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          David, on returning from church today, reported that Mr. Bollman in his sermon this morning announced that he had accepted a call from a church in Detroit where he is to be an assistant pastor and would take his new job the first of the year. So sometime in 1941 Trumbull will have a new Yale divinity student living in the Parsonage.

Speaking of the photo you sent of Anchorage’s Main and Fairfield, I am reminded of the news item in last week’s papers to the effect that sometime next year the Meigs building will be torn down to be replaced by a new one housing a 5 and 10 cent store (Woolworth’s, I believe). This week the new Klein Memorial Auditorium will be officially opened. The new building on the site of the old Atlantic  Hotel on the corner of Fairfield and Water is now open.  A & P and Carroll Cut Rate Perfumer and a few smaller shops occupy it.

I have again been elected Justice of the Peace in Trumbull which is now the only public office I hold. I am glad to say that Trumbull went overwhelmingly Republican, but this failed to keep Governor Baldwin in office. Alas, Connecticut as a whole went strongly Democratic due I suppose to the large industrial element.

Aunt Betty (Lizzie Duryee), summer, 1946

Aunt Betty writes: Since seeing you I have made up my mind to go to New York for the winter. I will leave here on November 16th and take a room at the St. George Hotel, Brooklyn. It is a very nice room and will be more comfortable than here. It has hot and cold running water and a bath and lavatory right opposite my door, a larger closet than here, a telephone in my room and plenty of heat. I can also enjoy all the entertainment given by the hotel at no extra cost. The price of this room is $10 a week and by getting my breakfast and lunches in my room and a good dinner out for $.50 I feel I can live as reasonably as I do here and be more contented. I can see Miss Hackmeister as often as I like.

Under the circumstances I think I shall invite Elsie and Aunt Betty up here for Thanksgiving which we celebrate in this state on Nov. 28th.


Dick is trying to get a job and has an application in at Ashcroft (Manning, Maxwell and Moore). They turned him down when he applied to the Hydraulic Co. for a job on the Easton Reservoir. He would much prefer outside work but if this cannot be found he is willing to take anything that will bring him in some cash to enable him to follow through on the Alaskan trip plan. The only fly in the ointment as far as he is concerned is the fact that there are so few girls up there. He offered to take Barbara (Plumb) along with him if she would promise to go around with him instead of with Dan. Meantime, he is doing some work around the house here like burning leaves in the yard, varnishing the kitchen linoleum, putting up storm windows, getting junk ready for the rubbish collection this week, etc. Tonight Donald has taken him and Jean (Hughes) down to see Red (Sirene) in Brooklyn. I saw Charlie Chaplin’s picture of the Great Dictator last night. It was good but not worth relatively the $1.10 charge.

Will call it quits now as I have several other letters to write. No more news anyway. Don’t forget to send me promptly a list of the things you want for Christmas. I am planning to do my Christmas shopping early and I want what little I shall spend to count in getting you things you will really enjoy, hence this plea for aid.


P.S. David brought home his first report card the other day, with the following marks: History 70, Algebra 90, English 80, Latin 85, Singing 85.

I’ll finish the week with another letter from Grandpa to his three oldest children as they live and work far from home.

Saturday and Sunday I’ll have new Special Pictures for you.

On Monday. I’ll begin a week of letters written in 1942. Dan has been drafted, Lad has just gotten a deferment and Ced remains in Alaska.

Judy Guion

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  1. Janet says:

    These letters show such a warm hearted man.

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