Friends – A Letter From Lad’s Employer And A Friend In Venezuela – Jan., 1941

APG - Letter from Socony-Vacuum about pay raise - Jan., 1941


January 4, 1941


Mr. A.P. Guion

Anzoategui Camp


Dear Mr. Guion,


I am pleased to inform you that I have received instructions from the General Manager to increase your salary from $200 to $225 per month.

In consequence, your New York salary allotment will be increased by $25 commencing this month.


Yours very truly



W. R. Cosh




APG - Letter From L.K. Sieck, at Guario - Jan., 1941



ENERO 11, 1941

Dear Sir or Friend maybe Palzy walzy;

What have you ever found out in that letter that you wrote to the American Consul in Caracas about your passport. I, if you remember right, was very much interested in the answer that you received. Please inform as to the consequences suffered at the delay of such matter.

What type of bolster did that truck from Guanta come in with. That fellow Erny from Puerta de la Cruz was here and says that a red bolster was left in the building down at the port. Also that he is short a bolster that he left there in the office near the red one from Cubagua. He would like to have his returned if it was sent to Pariaguan by mistake. It was a homemade one with two shoes on it.

About the material that I sent you the requisition or rather returned the requisition on; Mr. Breeding finds that he unloaded it by mistake at his house in Cantuara. He mistook it for groceries. He begs your forgiveness for thinking that you did not send them. If you will please return the returned requisition to me here at Guario things will be straightened up.

Mr. Nelle says that his Drivers permit is not up for another month yet, but that he was just trying to get things in order before it was rushed.

Thank you,


L.K. Sieck

Tomorrow and Sunday, Special Pictures.

On Monday, letters written in 1942. Lad is working in Venezuela but is expected home in late spring. Dan has been drafted and Ced remains working in Alaska. Dick, Dave and Grandpa remain in Trumbull.

Judy Guion


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