World War II Army Adventure (44) – Dear Dad – Thoughts on the Democratic Convention – July 21, 1944

My Uncle Dave is at Camp Crowder, Missouri, receiving additional training before being sent overseas. He has done a very good job of keeping those at home about his thoughts and activities.

21 July 4 4

Dear Dad –

There’s nothing really to write tonight – but I just heard the end of the Democratic Convention, and on top of lad – the news about Germany – and it’s just given me an urge to write.

What do you think of the Dem’s. choice for Vice. Pres.?yyou realize – of course – he comes from Mo. I think that the last part of the convention was pretty good.  It looked like it would be Wallace up to the middle of the second ballot and then – Wham – everything started to swing towards Truman!  Did you hear it?  They had it on in the Bks. – that’s how I happened to hear it.

How does the situation in Germany look to you?  Every day I become a little more optimistic – now I think the European war will be over by the middle of August.  We’ll ALL be home for Christmas, 1945.  Dad, and maybe even for Thanksgiving – 45.

when I first got back to camp after my furlough – I found it kind of tough – but now I’m completely happy again – except that I’m getting AWFULLY tired of learning the same thing over and over again every day.

Well – I’ll quit now – see I told you I really didn’t have anything to say.



P.S. – Please send me Dan’s address – I seem to have lost it.

Tomorrow I will begin a week of letters written in 1945, when all of Grandpa’s sons are scattered around the world. Lad and Dan are in France, Dan near Calais on the northern coast and Lad in Marseilles on the southern coast.  Ced continues in Alaska and Dick is still in Brazil.  At this point Dave is in Okinawa ,Philippines. Dan and Paulette are anxiously awaiting their wedding and the rest of the family is getting involved or has something to say regarding this momentous occasion. Grandpa does an excellent job keeping his sons aware of what is going on in Trumbull and with their friends and family. He really makes an effort to let each one know what is happening to their siblings in “this man’s Army”.

Judy Guion


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