World War II Army Adventure (73) – Dear Folks – BANG ! – November 21, 1944

Nov. 21, 1944

Dear Folks –

BANG ! All in one and a half hours my bags are packed, my equipment is turned in, I climbed into a G.I. truck, I travel halfway across camp, I get out of the truck, I draw new company equipment, and unpack my bags.  Now I’m in a new home with a new address.  – What a life!  In nine months I’ve been in 9 different companies – B-28, A-36, D-26, D-36, D-31, B-33, E-847, F-847, K-840.

Our whole team moved over here but there’s nothing definite as yet as to why were here.

I was going to keep the money you sent – but I had to go about a mile to pick up the money – and I couldn’t get off in time to get it.  They only hold the money three days.  You should have gotten it back by the time you get this.

Well, I’ve got a slight cold so I’m going to bed. It’s only 8:15 but I’m on K.P. tomorrow.



Tomorrow I will begin a week of letters written in 1945.  Lad is in southern France, His wife Marian is in Trumbull staying with Grandpa and Jean, Dick’s wife.  Dan is in northern France and planning a wedding with Paulette Van Laere, who lives in Calais.  Ced remains in Anchorage Alaska, Dick remains in Santeliza, Brazil and Dave is in Okinawa, the Philippines. 

Judy Guion


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