Special Picture # 361 – Marian’s Drive Across the Country – 1939

During the summer of 1939, Marian Irwin, my Mom, (on the right) and a friend drove across the country from Bakersfield, California to New York City to visit the World’s Fair.

MIG - Marian, a friend and car - NY World's Fair - 1939

I believe this was probably the first picture taken on that trip as they were packed and ready to head out.  I think that trip was probably quite adventurous for two women at that time. It makes me proud.


Tomorrow, another Special Picture.

Judy Guion


2 thoughts on “Special Picture # 361 – Marian’s Drive Across the Country – 1939

  1. Judy Guion says:

    Jeanne, I agree. She also drove across the country with another Army wife from Pomona, CA to Trumbull, CT, after my dad shipped out to France.
    I have driven across this fabulous country 5 times, once once with my daughters towing a Coleman Camper following my parents back to California after a Guion Reunion here, twice with my second husband to attend my brother’s wedding, and twice by myself, going out to care for my Mom (Marian (Irwin) Guion) after my Dad (Alfred Peabody Guion, Lad) passed away. Each trip was a wonderful experience.

  2. Wow! How excited they must have been.

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