Ced’s Amazing Adventure (9) – What I Saw at the Chicago World’s Fair (2) – July 1934

While Ced was traveling to North Dakota and Wisconsin to find his late Mother’s family, he stopped at the 1934 Chicago World’s Fair. He kept documents, letters and memorabilia from the Fair. The following pages are taken from the Booklet, What I Saw at the Chicago World’s Fair.

CDG - Chicago Fasir - 1934 (Sky Ride (2)


Went up to the tower on the island side and saw the elevators operating, wonderful view from the tower at night and I wished that I had brought my camera along. I could see all the Fair Grounds, with Beautiful lights playing on them and also the city of Chicago with its millions of lights. The tower is the equivalent of 60 stories high and cost over 1 million to build.

I also road in one of the cars and felt a little uneasy on the way over.

CDG - Chicago Fasir - 1934 (Avenue of Flags) (2)


I walked down this avenue on a day when the flags were green and the next time I saw them they were green again and when I got some postcards on which the flags were red, I felt quite angered that they should do this just to give the card higher color but later found out that there are several sets of flags. There is nothing extremely unusual about these flags.

CDG - Chicago Fair - 1934 (Social Science Building ) (2)


Spent very little time in this building and did not get a great deal of joy from it.

There were several “figure pictures” which were rather interesting.

CDG - Chicago Fair - 1934 (General Exhibits Building) (2)


Went through this building and found quite a few things which were interesting. I bought one of the tubes of Ipana toothpaste which had just been made under public scrutiny. Of course most of the exhibits were commercial and therefore not all of them were interesting, however a few of them were quite good.

Tomorrow, more entries from “What I Saw at the Chicago World’s Fair”.

Judy Guion


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