Trumbull – Dear Laddiest – Almost On Their Way To Alaska (2) – June 9, 1940

The family after the Baptism’s of Raymond Zabel, Jr. (Butch) and David Peabody Guion

L. to R. – Alfred Duryee Guion (Grandpa), Richard Peabody Guion (Dick, partially hidden), Cedric Duryee Guion (Ced), Elizabeth Westlin (Guion) Zabel (Biss), David Peabody Guion (Dave), Raymond Zabel, Sr. holding Raymond Zabel, Jr., (Butch), and Daniel Beck Guion (Dan).

Page 2 of R-79

This morning I got up at nine and got the dinner started and then rushed up and got dressed for church, because this was the day Mr. Bollman had appointed for baptismal services, and not only was young grandson to be baptized along with three other babies, but our own David was also to receive the same sacrament along with Evelyn Hughes and Robert Shattuck. Your nephew was very good during the entire ceremony but celebrated by wetting himself afterwards while his father was holding him. They decided to leave on this account before the ceremony was over and stopped at MacKenzie’s drugstore on the way home because Zeke was thirsty. Baby evidently did not approve of this because he upset a glass of Coca-Cola and MacKenzie, in his haste to mop up the spilling, upset another glass himself.

Blog - Arnold and Alta Gibson's wedding, 1939 (2) Arnold, Alta, Nomad and trailer

Since Arnold Gibson and Alta (Pratt) were married in Sept. of 1939, this probably isn’t the trailer Grandpa is writing about, but it will give you a pretty good idea of the set-up they had for their trips.

Arnold has bought a demonstration trailer which I had the pleasure of going through this morning and it is very nice indeed. It is equipped with heating stove, gasoline cooking stove, dishwashing sink, lavatory, water closet, and even a small bathtub under one of the seats. Numerous closets, cupboards, drawers, etc., add to the comfort. Copper screen doors and windows provide ventilation. All in all, I should think he could have lots of fun in it.

No letter from you this last week but as usual I am hoping the coming week will not go empty. The boys have not yet definitely decided when they will leave, but it will probably not be before Tuesday as Ced has a few things he yet wants to do on the Willys and Dan’s period on his highway job ends Tuesday. Ced has bought two new tires (Sears Roebuck) and has installed a radio which he bought secondhand, an Emerson, I believe. Dick’s school is now over as far as lessons are concerned but Dave has 2 1/2 weeks yet before his time is up. Dick’s graduation is on the 20th and then if he can, you will get a job on the Parkway (Merritt Parkway construction).

A number of people seem to be wondering if I am concerned about your being in Venezuela was so much talk about “fifth column” activities in South American countries and the danger that the Nazis will try to start something down there either to prevent the allies from getting oil or capturing this much needed war material for themselves. Enclosed is a clipping which appeared in last night’s Bridgeport paper which is typical of the feeling up this way. What do you hear on the matter down there?

Around the yard here the rhododendrons are just coming out, the iris are in full bloom and of course the leaves are in full force on the trees. Flies and mosquitoes are beginning to exhibit their quaint little ways and altogether it may be said that summer is here. I am sitting in my shirtsleeves in the alcove with the doors open and a Robin is chirping its evening song outside. An airplane drones overhead and unlike those in Europe, when we hear this sound, we don’t all dive for the bomb-proof cellars.

This seems to be all of note that I can find to write you, so in the words of the old song, we come to the end of a perfect day, although it would be a bit more perfect if my great big, handsome, oil son was sitting opposite me right now. Failing that, here are best regards from your     DAD

Tomorrow and Sunday, more of the Early Years and Memories of Alfred Peabody Guion. 

Judy Guion


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