Trumbull – Dear Lad – The Rover Boys Continue (2) – June 23, 1940

This is the second page of Grandpa’s letter I began posting yesterday. 

I have your photos all nicely mounted now in an album and showed them the other day to your lady friend in the cleaners. I also told George Knapp about them and he was so interested and likes you so much that I promised to let him have them to look over also.

Biss and Butch, 1940

Biss (Elizabeth) and Butch (Raymond Zabel, Jr.) in 1940

The baby (Butch, Biss’s first son) is crawling around quite actively now and Elizabeth has to watch her step so that she will not step on him. Zeke was sitting in his living room the other day when he saw a rat poke its head up through a hole in the floor in the doorway leading into the kitchenette. He went upstairs and got his .22 revolver and when friend rat poked his head up again, he drilled him clean through with one shot. Exit another public enemy.

It has been quite cool here the last few days – so much so that on the first day of summer a fire in the alcove was very welcome and a comforter on my bed at night was necessary. The days have been sunshiny and it has been pleasant in the sun.

And now for a letter to Pooh and Piglet.

Dear Rover boys:

You can read Lad’s letter, as I don’t think he will object.

The last postal I got from you arrived Saturday PM and was postmarked Rapid City, June 19th, 9 PM. I expect tomorrow I shall get your message from Yellowstone. You didn’t mention getting the card I sent to you care of Kenneth Peabody, so I don’t suppose it got there on time. I have mailed other letters which you may or may not get. One of them contained a testimonial from William G Davis, First Selectman, of the town of Trumbull, certifying as to your good character, etc., which I thought you might need if you find you were traveling through British Columbia. Enclosed is another of the same kind from Mr. Bollman.

Aunt Anne (Anne (Peabody) Stanley, Grandma Arla’s sister) tells me that Fred (Stanley, her ex-husband and father of Gweneth and Donald) was married again on June 8th in Burlington and went to Montréal on his honeymoon. She was a miss Fischer, of German descent, about 28 years of age and was formerly employed in New York City. Dorothy knows her slightly and likes her.

I asked Anne why she did not marry again, to which she replied, “A burnt child avoids the fire”.

Howard Stanley (he is the older of the two boys, has just received his MD degree and will start his internship in a Worcester hospital. Robert, the other brother, is much interested in aviation. Don (Stanley, Aunt Anne’s son and about Dave’s age), his mother tells me, is interested in taking up surgery as a profession.

Roger Bachelder has been transferred at his request to a Veteran’s Home. Where I do not know. May is the editor of a local women’s club publication in Larchmont. Austin goes to Cornell and is much interested in the course in hotel management which he is taking there. (Roger Batchelder was a friend and neighbor of Grandpa’s when they lived in Larchmont, NY. I’m guessing May and Austin are his children, whom the boys would have known.)

Enclosed are a few newspaper clippings just to give you something to read while you were speeding along en route to Alaska.

Aunt Anne does not know what your plans for the summer will be. She is waiting to hear from Fred who will perhaps take the two children for the summer now that he has a house of his own. Of course the children will enjoy it and Anne is waiting to hear from Fred.

And that’s all the news for now, except Dan, that I have shown Barbara (Plumb, Dan’s girlfriend) the postals, as you requested.

As always,


Tomorrow and Thursday, I’ll post another letter from Grandpa and on Friday, a rather official-looking letter and booklet, all written in Spanish, dated June 20, 1940. It appears to be some sort of official identity document or permission, perhaps to work on vehicles, I’m really not sure. 

Judy Guion


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