Trumbull – Thrilling News – Sept., 1943

Blog Timeline - 1941-1943

This week I’ll be posting letters from 1943 and what is going on with the four boys who are scattered around the world. Lad is in California, training mechanics for the Army, Dan is in England, he’s a surveyor and we never really know what he did, Ced is in Alaska repairing airplanes for the Military and learning how to fly, and Dick is in Brazil, acting as a liaison between the military and the Brazilians, as well as serving as an MP.

Trumbull Conn.

September 19, 1943

Dear Away-from-Homers:

Well, the back porch steps have undergone a major operation and are recovering nicely. In fact they are almost out of danger although there is always a chance of the trouble recurring, which will call for an entire new deal, if you don’t mind mixing metaphors a bit. That and some putty and nails on the cellar door and an attempt to solder the perker on the coffee pot so Jean can have for daily stimulant (she having smashed her little individual drip outfit) about sums up the news this week that comes under the heading of “thrillers”. You wouldn’t be interested in the fact that a rat ate some of my knackerbrod, or we almost ran out of toilet paper or Aunt Betty now knows how many spoonfuls of brown sugar to put on canned beans, so I won’t bother to mention them.

Dave  Guion

Dave Guion

The household has been a bit livelier this weekend, however, and in fact it seemed almost like old times when you were all home and lots of young people made merry, for Jean’s friend, Audrey Switzgabel, has been a welcome guest and she and Dave have been conducting a friendly feud with the rapid exchanges of repartee that hasn’t permitted a dull moment.

Lad - 1943

Lad – 1943

I haven’t heard whether Lad is back safely in camp but not having read of any further train wrecks, I assume he behaved himself while taking Horace Greeley’s advice. An old ad flashes across memories screen:

Go West! Go West! The old man said,

He should have been more specific.

                        He should have said, “You’ll travel best

           If you go by the southern Pacific.”

Dan, I’m waiting for an answer to my letter before sending your shoes as there is a rule in the post office that they will not accept packages for soldiers abroad unless the request for them has been O.K.’d by a superior officer.

Dan Guion

Dan Guion

Gee, Ced, I didn’t know you’d get so sore at the names I have been using in directing letters to you, that

you would refuse to write anymore. It’s all in fun and anyway, I never called you a big palooka, so there.

Dan is the family’s best threatener.  C’mon, Dan, give over entertaining one of those English lassies long enough to write that long exciting account of your adventures.

And Dick, you long-legged Benedict, I see you’re back in the ranks of the T-5’s, like your brother Daniel.

Dick Guion

Dick Guion

It’s about time he took an upward step. Dave got out the projector last night and entertained Audrey by showing some of Dan’s and Dick’s colored slides. Dan says the bulb on the movie projector is shot. I wonder if there’s a priority on that too. We shall certainly have to get that fixed up in time to entertain little Siwash Ced when he pays

Ced Guion

Ced Guion

us his Christmas visit. It will seem pretty much like the Santa Claus myth coming true when he drops in from Alaska, pack or no pack. And with this happy thought, let us close tonight’s chapter, to be mentally tucked into your several beds with a good night kiss from your


Tomorrow, we’ll have the special treat of a Guest Post by gpcox, writer of, exploring the role Hollywood played during WWII.

Then we’ll return to 1943 and what is happening to all the boys.

Judy Guion


3 thoughts on “Trumbull – Thrilling News – Sept., 1943

  1. gpcox says:

    Guests helped once again to fill grandpa’s empty nest. Thanks for plug about the guest post.

    • Judy Guion says:

      gpcox – One of the most consistent things about the Guion household, probably due in great measure to Arla, was that people were always stopping in and the house was full of activity. It also helped that we lived in Trumbull Center, 2 minutes from all the shops. :)
      The quantity of young people may have diminished with only Dave bringing home classmates, but he’s also almost 18 and things will change again.

  2. Mustang.Koji says:

    Brown sugar in canned beans? I can’t remember if brown sugar was rationed; I am reasonably certain sugar was? I don’t recall what airfield Ced was at but the crash and accident rates up there during the war were quite high. Old Man Jack was dispatched to Siska to retrieve spare parts as there were a bazillion of them. :-)

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