The Island – Then and Now (1) – Early Building -1945 – 2021

Since the prominent theme this past week has been about the purchase of the Island and Grandpa’s thoughts and  questions about the development of our Future Camp, I thought I would give you a view of changes that have been made to the Island since the beginning. Enjoy. 

ADG - Grandpa and the boys on Spring Island (cropped) - 1948

My guess is that this picture was taken in the spring of 1946, although I do not remember Ced being home at that time. Lad and Dick came home from the war in the late summer and the fall of 1945. Ced came home from Anchorage, Alaska for Thanksgiving in 1945. Left to right: Lad, Dick, Ced and Grandpa. Dan is in France (still in the Army) and Dave is in Manila, Philippines). My bet is that Rusty Huerlin is the one holding the camera. This might have been their first trip to the Island as the owners.

The area directly behind them is where the Cook Cabin was erected, after trees and brush were removed.

Spring Island - Winter - Pete Linsley with Cook Cabin in background

This picture, taken in 1954, shows the Cook Cabin, the first structure on the Island. It is a one-car garage that Lad purchased on the mainland. It was taken apart, all boards numbered, transferred by row boat and re-build on the Island. My Dad, Lad, was in charge of “mechanical installations and upkeep”, and this is Pete Linsley, one of my Dad’s friends, a member of the work crew to open and close the Island each year and a regular visitor with his family during our two-week vacation on the Island. The picture was taken when three couples (Lad and Marian, Chet and Jean Hayden and Pete and Barbara Linsley) came to New Hampshire in the winter.

Spring Island in winter (3) - Jean (Mrs. Richard) Guion with Suzanne @ 1954

They visited with Dick and Jean Guion, living nearby, and brought Jean and her oldest daughter, a toddler, to the Island for a quick visit for the day. (Dick may also have been part of the group.)

Spring Island in winter (8) - Marian (close-up) walking back @ 1954

Marian Guion (Lad is probably holding the camera)

Spring Island in winter (6) - walking back to States Landing @ 1954

Walking back to the cars on the mainland.

Tomorrow, I will be posting pictures from the 1950’s and more recent photos.

Judy Guion



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